Digital News Daily Editions for December 2017
Digital News Daily - Friday, Dec. 29, 2017
Indiana Attorney General Sues Hotel That Charged Guest For Bad Review
Snapchat Building 'Stories Everywhere' Product
Roku Restructures, Scott Rosenberg To Lead Platform Business
Google Algorithm Changes Stress Out SEO Professionals
Who Will Own The 'Marketing Cloud' Of The Future?
The Video Digital Strategy That Didn't Work In 2017, And The Ones That Did
LinkedIn Evaluates Its Agency Roster
Facebook: Not A Media Company, But A Controller Of News
What To Do After Creating An Email List
LG Partners To Advance Self-Driving Tech
5G Mobile Speeds Moving Ahead
Firms Sign Deal To Develop Wearable, Smart Technology
Big Tech Is Going After Health Care
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017
Are Social Apps Bumming People Out?
Sunday Top Day For Streaming
Amazon Eyes Video Advertising Expansion
NKOR Creates Blockchain For Copyright Infringement, Content Creators
Minnesota To Challenge Net Neutrality Repeal
Facebook Users Take Battle Over Tracking To Appellate Court
What Seasoned Advertisers Can Learn From Podcast Advertising
Tech Giant Sells 10 Million IoT Smart Devices
FCC Approves First Power-At-A-Distance Wireless Charging
Oath's CRO Talks Mobile Advertising In 2018
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
The Symbiosis Of Social And Programmatic
2018 Will See Rise Of 'Post-Cable' Networks
Oath Tests 4 Ad Units On Mobile
Blackburn Defends Paid Fast Lanes
Blockchain Technology Becomes Revenue Booster, Fake News Fighter
Google Promises To Follow FTC Settlement Conditions After Expiration
Smart TVs Join The In-Home Digital Voice Race
How Email Fits In The Digital Marketing Mix
How To Tell The Financial Health Of Digital, TV Shows
Google To Extend AdWords API Terms Made With FTC
Google Voice AI Matches Human Voice
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017
Exclusive Content May Not Be As Vital To Streaming Services As Some Think
Gamut Data Reveals Characteristics Of Fraudulent Ad Impressions
Amazon, T-Mobile, Cox And Others Sued Over Age-Targeted Job Ads On Facebook
OTT Platforms Hike National TV Ad Spend
Surge Pricing: How Binge-Streaming Hits Your Electric Bill
Justice Department Urged To Scrutinize Comcast-NBC
CNN Ends 'The Update'
Cision Acquires Real-Time 'Earned Media' Tracker Prime Research
Spotify Moving Closer To NYSE Listing
Snap Loses Another Product Developer
Amazon Buys Wireless Security Camera Blink
Was Apple Wrong To Throttle Older iPhones?
Digital News Daily - Friday, Dec. 22, 2017
Universal Music, Facebook Sign Licensing Deal
Facebook Enables Advertisers To Block Job Ads Based On Age
News Organizations Side With Google In Fight Over 'Right To Be Forgotten'
Vizio's Inscape Teams With Data Plus Math For TV Attribution Platform
Forrester: Marketers Still Struggling To Understand Mobile
Nielsen Pulls Plug As Sole Funder Of Council For Research Excellence
AI's Real Moment On The Advertising Stage Is Tomorrow
Facebook Drops "Disputed" Flags, Cites Bias Among Users
Facebook Softens Stance On VR Competitors
Marketers Will Take Social More Seriously In 2018
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017
CBSN Betting On Expanded Branded Content In 2018
Mobile Video Ad Spend Overtakes Display
Data Shows Tablets Driving Highest Click-Through Rates
Digital Video Ad Spend Up 36% From 2016
Apple Considers App Compatibility
Robo-Texting Case Against Twitter To Be Dropped
New York Lawmaker Tries Backdoor Approach To Restore Net Neutrality
ESPN Adds Mobile Streaming Rights To NFL Games
5 Mobile Monetization Predictions for 2018
Digital Ad Spending Tops $40B In First Half, IAB Reports
Apple Planning Standardized App Experience
Google Shoots For More Secure Play Store
Is Streaming Cord-Sharing Next?
Amazon Prime Video Become Top tvOS App
Facebook, Microsoft Credited With Curbing North Korean Cyber Threats
Amazon Preferred By 75% Of U.S. Consumers
Magic Leap Finally Shows A Product; AR Headset For 'Creators'
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017
Facebook, Twitter Aim For More Impactful Exchanges
Consumers Embrace Streaming Video, But Options Overwhelm
Republican Unveils Bill To Partially Restore Net Neutrality Rules
Facebook Battles Users Over Tracking At Health Sites
YouTube Inks New Deals With Universal Music, Sony Music
TV Network-Specific App Usage Grows Slowly
French Authorities Blast WhatsApp For Sharing Users' Data With Facebook
Facebook Expands Facial-Recognition Program
Facebook Shares Intellectual Property-Related Takedowns
To Expand Into New Markets On the Web, Speak Their Language
French Authorities Threaten WhatsApp With Fines
Leaked Documents Reveal Turmoil Behind 'Mashable' Decline
Microsoft Eliminates Forced Arbitration Agreements
Netflix, Aided By Stars, Sets Up A Marriage Proposal
FEC Requires Public Disclosure On Political Ads On Facebook
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017
Facebook's Plan To Take On TV
Facebook Demotes Posts That Use Engagement Bait
NBC Sports Secures New Streaming Rights For 'Sunday Night Football'
FTC: 'Common Sense' Techniques Improve Ad Disclosures
Twitter Cracks Down On Hate Tweets
For Digital Ads, Context Makes A Difference
More Devices To Serve Ads? Semiconductor Market To Reach $437B In 2018
Watchdogs Press FTC To Investigate Connected Toys, Smartwatches
Reddit App Adds New Features
Why Time Earned Should Be Video's New Standard
Is Amazon Buying Cybersecurity Software Sqrrl?
Marketers, Are You Considering The Context?
YouTube Red Dropping Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' Sequel
Digital News Daily - Monday, Dec. 18, 2017
ANA: In-House Programmatic Buying More Than Doubles, Agencies Becoming Marginalized
Amazon, Google Appear Poised To Resolve Streaming Video Fight
Advertisers Gain Behavioral Data About Influencers' Audience
Vevo CEO Erik Huggers Steps Down
Who Pays The Price For The Loss Of Net Neutrality?
Net Neutrality Repeal: The End Of Email Marketing?
Facebook Tries To Make User Time More Meaningful, Less Unhealthy
BlackBerry Shuttering App Store In 2019
Facebook Bows 'Snooze' Button
The Next Generation Of Native Advertising Needs To Be Integrated
Telaria To Sell Olympics-Related Streaming Video Packages
YouTube Adds 360-Video App On Steam VR
Travelocity Targets Millennials With Tinder Campaign
Adobe Systems Sees Strong Quarterly Earnings
Google Accused Of Still Favouring Itself In Search Results
Digital News Daily - Friday, Dec. 15, 2017
Publicity Fears Will Keep Broadband Providers In Line, FCC Republican Claims
Disney's Fox Buy Bolsters Plans To Become Video Juggernaut
Advertising ID Consortium, Trade Desk To Collaborate On Identity Framework
FCC Repeals Open Internet, Blocks States From Passing Own Regulations
Pandora Rolls Out Video Ads For On-Demand Listening
Facebook Withdraws Support For Profiles
What New iMac Pro Means For Creatives, Developers
UK Officials Not Happy With Twitter
Microsoft's Mixer Debuts Livestreaming App
Ad Budgets Grow For OTT
Russia Spent $1000 On Brexit Twitter Ads
Netflix (And Original Content) Still Rules
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