• 'USA Today' Supplements iPad Presence With Flipboard Partnership
    While Gannett's USA Today newspaper has been present and highly popular on the iPad since the platform's launch, the largest print circulation newspaper in the U.S. has now boarded the Flipboard bandwagon. In a partnership that features USA Today content on the iPad social media aggregation engine, this will be the first major newspaper to have a prominent place on Flipboard.
  • Duh, It's Still a Communicator: The Mobile Reach Equation
    Try as we might to turn the smartphone into a multimedia wonderland where marketers can intercept consumers as they browse, game and tap their apps, most of us still make person-to-person connectivity the priority in our mobile phone use. That's one of the key takeaways I get from a new Experian Simmons pilot study of mobile behaviors. The white paper, "Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers," has a lot of interesting preliminary finding on how mobile activities map against other media behaviors. But the glaring reality to me is that the study shows how much we …
  • Five on Five: First Impressions of Apple's New iOS
    According to some reports and my own experience trying to update various devices here at the Smith Family Test Lab (a.k.a. my living room) Apple's servers got slammed with iOS users upgrading to version 5 of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Some features like the Newsstand Store only came on later in the day for my devices, and wireless software updates (also new in this version) were inaccessible until later in the day. Some of my devices had already been upgraded last week with the iOS5 gold master that had been sent to developers. After a …
  • 'Real Simple' Goes Nook First
    Barnes & Noble may have lost out on getting Superman and Watchmen on its Nook Color portable e-reader/tablet, but the company seems to have a firm hold on the women's magazine sector. Bypassing the iPad for now, Time Inc.'s Real Simple magazine is launching its first full digital edition on the Nook Color this week. For a limited time at least, the November issue of the magazine is available only on B&N's Android-powered device.
  • Barnes & Noble Flexes Retail Muscle Against DC Comics and Amazon Fire
    Graphic novel fans looking for a copy of "V for Vendetta," "Watchmen" or up to 100 other DC graphic novels at their local Barnes & Noble store this week may not find the otherwise ubiquitous classics of the genre. B&N is yanking hard copies off the shelves, apparently in retaliation for DC's recent commitment to give the Kindle Fire exclusive digital distribution of the titles. Last week DC announced it would bring about 100 of its graphic novels to the Kindle Fire.
  • 'I Wanted My Kids to Know Me': Jobs Bio Out Oct. 24
    Predictably, the upcoming Walter Isaacson biography of the late Steve Jobs rocketed to the top of the Amazon bestseller list yesterday on news of the former Apple CEO's death. In fact, the book occupies both #1 and #2 spots on the bestseller list, the hardcover followed by the Kindle edition. Publisher Simon & Schuster has confirmed that the publication date of the book has been pushed forward for a second time, now to Oct. 24. Thus, the book will be available shortly after the latest iteration of Job's greatest contribution to mobile media, the iPhone 4S, is released.
  • Tablet Time Sink: Steals Share From Game Consoles and Print
    All those hours tablet and eBook owners spend with their irresistible devices have to come from somewhere. Among most of us, iPads, Kindles and Nooks are stealing mind share from console gaming. According to a new survey of 3,000 adult tablet/eBook users on Gfk MRI's iPanel, 59% say they are using video game consoles and handheld game devices less often as a result of owning their new platforms. Also taking a serious tablet hit are all forms of print, with 44% of owners spending less time with paper books and 42% with newspapers.
  • Apple Does a Low-Keynote, Launches iPhone 4S
    Those who were expecting an "iPhone 5" that looked like a major hardware upgrade must have gone away disappointed by today's Apple keynote. Pre-event rumors about the flagship Apple phone getting a larger screen, revised contours and ultra-thin design were dashed by CEO Tim Cook, whose first keynote at the helm of the world's most followed brand was decidedly low-key. Instead of the anticipated iPhone 5, we got an iPhone 4S. It is all about the internals in this design, the company spins.
  • iPhone 5 Fetish Officially Off the Hook
    You may have missed this. Apple is holding a keynote presentation tomorrow to unveil its next model (or models) of iPhone. Just in case you hadn't heard.
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