• Mobile Economy Worth Almost $10 Trillion
    All I can say is, holy cow. That's the inescapable conclusion after seeing a new report by the Boston Consulting Group, which estimates that mobile devices generated a total economic value of almost $10 trillion in 2014.
  • Snapchat Goes All iAd On Us
    Snapchat is reportedly asking for $750,000 minimum for its short and disappearing ad units. Worse, the company wants us to believe there is something really special going on here.
  • Think Apps Beat The Mobile Web? Not So Fast
    Conventional wisdom holds that mobile apps are more popular than the mobile Web, but they actually overlap and share audience far more than you might expect, judging by the latest research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.
  • Mobile Internet Soars In Developing World
    Just as the first wave of the Internet transformed the developed world in areas spanning media, science, art and commerce, the second wave promises to be equally significant, as mobile devices allow hundreds of millions of people in the developing world to get online without needing desktop computers or wired Internet connections.
  • Have Messaging Apps Finally Peaked?
    Audience growth of messaging apps in the U.S. has been flat for months, according to comScore. Still, apps are an important reminder of what really drives consumer interest in smartphones. Hint: it isn't shopping.
  • Apploi Raises $7M for Mobile Recruitment Platform
    As the U.S. economy finally appears to be picking up, job seekers are looking at a very different competitive landscape, due in large part to technology. The next generation of online recruitment and job-hunting apps are incorporating mobile interactivity, social media, and online video into their systems for matching employers with candidates.
  • Apple Has Momentum Going Into Apple Watch Launch
    The iPhone 6 models just owned the final months of the smartphone market worldwide. This wider reach, momentum and mojo bode well for the Apple Watch Launch.
  • GPS Watch Lets You Keep Tabs On Your Kids
    As the father of a six-month-old baby girl, I am only now beginning to grasp the vast vistas of anxiety that open out before you when you cross the threshold of parenthood. I had no idea people can actually live this way on a day-to-day basis without constantly resorting to wine and Valium, but I'm gradually acclimating myself, and eagerly adopting technology whenever it can help alleviate (or alternatively, enable) the state of constant hyper-vigilance.
  • SF's Muni To Test Mobile Fare App
    The Muni buses may still be late, but at least San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency is keeping pace with the times. This week the city's transit operator announced it is testing a new mobile fare payment app for iOS and Android that will allow passengers to buy and redeem tickets directly from their smartphones.
  • Streaming and Vinyl Soar On Back Of Digital Music Sale Declines
    Digital music sales sank for the second year as streaming became the biggest area for growth. Still, overall music consumption is down. This industry has a revenue problem and a creative problem. Gee, think they may be connected?
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