• Where Display Fits
    At this point, every marketer knows consumers live in a cross-channel and cross-device world. Customers interact with your media several times before converting. Understanding what those conversion paths look like and how different channels interact is key when it comes to mandatory optimizing media decisions, and deciding what role display should play in the mix.
  • The Evolution of Digital Media Mix
    What the media planner/buyer thinks Then: Display was the winner ... of the leftovers When I started in this industry seven years ago, display ads and relevant content went together like pb&j. Car advertisers ran standard Flash banners on auto sites, cpg advertisers ran standard Flash banners on recipe sites and so on. Networks were accustomed to adding significant amounts of impressions to a campaign at efficient rates. Behavioral targeting was the "hot topic," allowing advertisers to get in front of an audience based on their Web-surfing behavior. Click-through rate was primarily used to measure success with a few advertisers ...
  • Target Smarter
    "Display media is not performing. Let's reallocate to paid search." Sound familiar? In recent years, display media has been taking the back seat, not just to paid search but to other emerging platforms. While display continues to have the largest share, it is evident that it is losing its luster: By 2016, eMarketer predicts its share of the digital mix to be down by 15 percent. Identifying the proper display media mix can be challenging, especially given the growing number of targeting options. But applying the correct display media tactics, paired with the right attribution model, will drive both brand ...
  • What Is Premium Now?
    Do advancements in display advertising make advertisers better off today compared to four years ago? As technologies like programmatic buying and native ad units take hold, this question is also relevant to the evolution of "premium" display ads. Ad pundits have already made display advertising the most jargon-littered playing field in the digital realm, and adding to the confusion is the constant evolution of what premium display -- the industry's alleged creme de la creme -- actually means.
  • Book Excerpt: Shoring Up Display's Weak Spots
    In January, comScore released a new way to account for the impressions made by digital display advertising, following many of the guidelines laid out in the industry's Making Measurement Make Sense initiative. This solution -- which we call the Validated Campaign Essentials -- provides an unduplicated accounting of impressions delivered across a variety of dimensions, helping to significantly improve the value of online advertising. VCE gleans all this information via a single ad tag -- thus enabling a comprehensive, but holistic, view of digital ad delivery.
  • Display's Crazy Salad
    Display ads are the lettuce in the salad -- the foundation of many online ad campaigns. Yet one-third of display ads go unseen by site visitors, according to comScore. Even when the ads are seen, few are clicking, and many others aren't even noticing. Some of that ineffectiveness is now being addressed as advertisers are starting to vary their creative and implement more precise targeting to make sure the impressions that are paid for are being viewed.
  • Thinking Inside The Box
    Does online display advertising build brand equity? There is a lot of debate on this subject, but a comScore study commissioned by iProspect on the branding implications of digital media in 2010 concluded that online display advertising is indeed capable of producing brand lift. Meanwhile, brands are clearly convinced that online display works because they are spending serious money on it, and the smartest are going well beyond static - and boring - banner ads to entice and connect with consumers through breakthrough creative. Two recent examples: Security Service Federal Credit Union and Supercuts. The companies couldn't be more different. ...
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