• Google's Internet Services: 2 Billion Lines Of Code
    This might only seem fascinating to a tech geek like me, but Google Engineering Manager Rachel Potvin estimates the software needed to run all of Google's Internet services -- from Google Search to Gmail to Google Maps -- spans about 2 billion lines of code.
  • Why U.S. Apparel Retailers Paid A Higher Cost Per Click
    U.S. apparel advertisers paid an average of $1.28 per click in the first seven months of 2015 compared with an average cost per click of $0.49 for those in the U.K., according to recent data. There are two reasons.
  • Search, Email Tips To Ring In The Holiday Season, Prepare For 2016
    As advertisers plan for the upcoming holiday season, one of the biggest trends highlighted by Merkle RKG is a surge in traffic growth from mobile phones. Click rates rose 97% year-over-year on Google in the early part of Q3, compared with 56% growth in Q2, says Mark Ballard, senior director of research at Merkle RKG.
  • Google Fiber Considers Bringing Services To Irvine, San Diego, Louisville, News Lights Fire Under Verizon
    Irvine and San Diego, California as well as Louisville, Kentucky could become the next three cities in which Google Fiber installs its high-speed Fiber connection service.
  • Apple's 6 Most Recent And Interesting Search-Related Patents
    Apple announced at its developer conference a slew of search-related features in a variety of products. The ability to search for content on Apple TV through Siri seemed the most notable to me, because of the opportunity to drive advertising and interaction in apps in the background. Apps become the easiest way to measure intent, whether they reside on a phone or on a set-top box.
  • Quick Search Surveys Serving Up In Query Results
    Google puts a lot of weight in search ranking around relevance. So it didn't come as a complete surprise when I saw a quick survey pop up from the bottom of the page asking for feedback.
  • Google Will Get $2 Of Every $5 Marketers Spend This Year On Digital Advertising In U.S.
    When put into dollars and cents, it's pretty incredible to think about the percentage of advertising revenue that Google actually gets from the market. eMarketer released data Tuesday analyzing forecasts and market share for mobile and digital in the Untied States.
  • Programmatic Search Makes Attribution Tough For Marketers
    What keywords generate the phone call? It turns out many markets don't know. Why? As more media buys go through programmatic channels it becomes increasingly difficult for marketers to track the complete purchase path. The buying gets done based on automated rules and reporting structures, but the path doesn't consider phone calls.
  • Using Non-Branded Keywords To Influence Branded Searches
    How can marketers use native, video, and other media in non-branded keyword campaigns to influence consumers to search for specific brands?
  • Wikipedia Identifies, Bans Blackhat Editors
    Wikipedia has banned editors from 381 blackhat user accounts getting paid to post and maintain promotional content to the online encyclopedia after the site's CheckUser group identified "sock puppet" editors creating promotional articles, and inserting promotional external links.
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