• PMX Agency Rebrands, Aids Integration Efforts
    PMX Agency rebranded in June by combining the agencies PM Digital and Paradysz. The agency didn't change operations or add new services, but it did work to help brands understand how to integrate media channels, online and offline.
  • Pokeconomy Takes Ad Cue From Google, Adds Location-Based Ads
    Sponsored locations will soon provide a new revenue stream for Pokemon Go. Sound familiar? Earlier this year, Google said it would start offering advertisers sponsored local search ads on Google Maps.
  • Amazon's Flash Dance May Make Marketers Rethink Search On Prime Day
    Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer's annual event full of flash sales and great deals, experienced a hiccup on what was to be one of their busiest shopping days of their year.
  • Google Introduces Features To Aid Travel Shoppers
    When travelers turn to mobile, Google wants to help marketers serve the information consumers request. The company announced Tuesday it will introduce several features to make travel planning and mobile shopping easier.
  • Microsoft Uses DNA To Show Advertisers How It Will Advance Cloud Storage
    The biggest problem with collecting and storing digital data, from search to images and videos, is the world is running out of room, similar to the way the Internet, which once operated on IPv4, ran out of IP addresses to connect devices to the Internet.
  • How To Tip Local SEO In Your Favor To Improve Rankings
    Prioritizing local search engine optimization has become increasingly challenging. Marketers must worry not only about traditional SEO, but also traditional local signals like Google My Business, citations and reviews, according to a recent study.
  • Search Campaigns See Rising Return On Investments In Second-Quarter 2016
    Click-through rates (CTRs) will have the biggest impact from Google's decision to expand the number of characters in its AdWords paid-search text ads, according to research released Thursday.
  • Voice Search Changing The Rules Of Content Creation
    Changes in browsing behavior, preferences for content consumption, and adoption of voice search have put content creation at the top of most marketers' lists this year. It not only improves customer engagement, but provides a lead generation tool. The biggest challenge is ensuring that content lands on the correct page.
  • Search Online First And Save Money, Study Finds
    If consumers save 25 cents per search page, how can marketers help them save more?
  • eBay AMPs Mobile Pages For eCommerce With Help From Google
    One of eBay's focuses this year is to take advantage of structured data and machine learning that would give marketplace visitors a better experience while searching and buying products. The company began the transformation on the mobile Web, where it's seeing the most growth, followed by desktop.
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