• Will vMVPDs Rule After All? 43% Of Pay-TV Households Say They'll Likely Switch Within 12 Months
    The once-in-decline vMVPD sector could become the dominant successor to traditional pay-TV - if the key players don't get too greedy.
  • Global CTV Ad Impressions Up 76% In 2020's Second Half
    Total video advertising impressions rose 42%, reports Innovid.
  • The Lowdown On CTV/OTV Growth Prospects, And Challenges, For 2021
    CTV programmatic video ad spend is set to leap by 54%, and CTV and digital video/OTT are by far the media most-cited as priorities by the buy side. And despite frequent reports of high CTV ad fraud, linear and social media are perceived as more prone to the biggest industry challenges.
  • New Niche-Streaming Hub Struum Is Sign Of Increasing Aggregation Ahead
    Struum, the still-in-development, ClassPass-like hub for niche streamers from high-profile founders and backers including Michael Eisner, is likely to be one of a growing number of models for aggregating streamers, or their content, in 2021.
  • 20% Of U.S. Broadband Households Use Ad-Supported OTT, 15% Use 'Freemium' Services
    New research confirms the growing popularity of so-called freemium services - hybrid business models that combine free, ad-supported content with a premium subscription tier.
  • 2021 Promises A FAST Start, Data Transformation, AI, More Work On Standardized Measurement
    As with AVOD, consumer adoption of free, ad-supported TV is expected to pick up in the coming year. Meanwhile, the industry will push to implement viable alternatives to cookies, and perhaps make some headway in the long battle to establish uniform audience definitions and measurement and attribution standards.
  • Will CTV/OTT Overshadow Linear In 2021?
    Agree or disagree, that's essentially the bottom-line takeaway from most of these ad-tech suppliers, publishers, platforms and other industry players - who, admittedly, have considerable skin in the CTV/OTT game.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed Deals Expected To Surge In 2021
    The deals -- which offer programmatic's speed and targeting, while allowing for a fixed-price agreement in return for guaranteed access to the desired inventory -- have become a popular solution for buyers needing flexibility without losing inventory guarantees, reports @SpotX #AdvancedTVInsider
  • Study: Combining CTV, Desktop, Mobile Drives KPI Lifts
    On average, adding CTV to desktop and mobile drove a 149.6% lift in brand awareness versus desktop and mobile alone; a 36.9% lift in brand opinion; and a 24.8% lift in purchase intent.
  • The QR Code Also Rises... For Now
    The rise in CTV audiences and advertising, and D2C initiatives, has also driven a surge in experimentation with QR codes to drive viewers to sites and yield sales conversions. But these codes, while useful now, are not a perfect solution for mapping conversions to TV.
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