• Lexus Electrified: Plugging In to Diversified Needs and Younger Demos
    The automaker is trying to move EVs and hybrids into the traditional mainstream by presenting a diversified fleet that targets different customer needs and identities. But Lexus is also becoming more far-sighted, in priming the younger demos in everything from gaming to Marvel movie integrations so that the Lexus brand is top of my when they are ready to age into the luxury category.
  • OG Goes Old School: Zappos Revisits Mail Order Catalog
    Among the DTCs, Zappos is a certified OG. Back in the day, the shoe brand made its name with legendary customer service. But it also pioneered key aspects of the e-commerce user experience. And yet, the brand's latest BTS effort includes a remarkable throwback to the true original DTCs - mail order catalog companies. CMO Joe Cano explains.
  • MoneyGram's Formula 1 Alliance Drives the Full Funnel Effort
    Against the 360-degree clutter of advertising, brands have upped their sponsorship and brand partnership game in recent years. By aligning with entertainment and sports brands that already lock in those fleeting attention spans, they often hope to embed in consumer consciousness more effectively. The decades-old money transfer brand MoneyGram caught our attention with their sponsorship of the Haas F1 racing team, because it seems to be much more fully integrated than slapping a logo on a sexy car and racing overalls.
  • Uncle Waithley's Recipe For Growth: Community, Story and Scotch Bonnet Bite
    I don't know what "scotch bonnet bite" is exactly, but Uncle Waithley's Beverage Company has me convinced that I probably want it in my ginger beer. The small batch brew company has a wonderfully authentic and cool backstory. There was an Uncle Waithley, and he lived to 100. And it took an equally unique path to growth. The company is using crowdfunding to build equity, even as Uncle Waithley starts appearing at retail and restaurant outlets like select Whole Foods and Manhattan watering holes.
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