• 'Protect the Margins': Spread The Love Masters Amazon CPG Channel With A Simple Mantra
    Eschewing VC funding and focusing on B2B and a single Amazon consumer channel paid off big for nut butter company company Spread The Love.
  • Skullcandy's 'Content-to-Commerce' Model Was Ready For A Crisis
    For headphone maker Skullcandy, its "Mood Boost" campaign and product releases were well-tuned to the lockdowns. And it was easy to double down on a content-first strategy, CMO Jessica Klodnicki tells "Brand Insider."
  • 'A Fear of Not Working, And a Fear of Working': Indeed.com's Singular Perspective On A Singular Crisis
    The largest job search engine comes at the COVID-19 crisis from several unique perspectives. As Indeed CMO Paul D'Arcy told us hours after the release of the historically tragic jobs report last week, his site is more than an activity meter around job searches during these challenging months.
  • Zenni Optical Positioned To Trump Hipness With Value
    This could prove to be a record year for a brand that was doing D2C eyewear many years before Warby Parker made it cool.