• Yadda, Yadda: Verizon's Value Brands Navigate a Sea of Sameness
    The mobile market is cluttered...even within a giant provider like Verizon. That company's portfolio of value-oriented products includes Total by Verizon, Visible, TracFone, Simple Mobile, SafeLink, Walmart Family Mobile, Straight Talk and Verizon Prepaid, among others. And so when we sat down with Verizon Value President Angie Klein, the main topics had to be brand differentiation and building in a saturated market.
  • Tracking the Athletic Hunter: MTN OPS' Unique DTC Target
    MTN OPS produces a wide range of energy, workout and nutrition drinks, which makes it sound like any number of trendy DTC brands. Not so. This is a brand with a very specific and different target in mind: the hunting and sportsmen segment. The hunting and sportsmen segment. As MTN OPS CEO and co-founder Trevor Farnes tells us this week.
  • Wendy's Takes DOOH's Measure...One Frosty At a Time
    When the Bucks win, you win...a Wendy's Frosty. It was a great localized promotion idea that required near-real-time media execution. Digital Out of Home screens allowed franchisee Manna Hospitality Group / Bridgeman to beat even the traditional TV and radio channels for the promotion. At MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Insider Summit, Gina Sisk, Media Director, Manna Hospitality Group and Kristy Schlepp, CEO, Outdoor Nation, brought the receipts to show how the effort directly impacted local sales.
  • The Sweet Art of Candy Marketing: Bit-O-Honey Gets a Makeover
    Who knew that candy marketing success could hinge on the age profile of a honey bee mascot, the amount of yellow and red on a package, small changes in texture? When Spangler Candy recently acquired and relaunched Bit-o-Honey it was thinking hard about all of those nuances that make a choice pop on the shelves.
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