MAD London Editions for May 2016
MAD London - Friday, May 27, 2016
A Kick(back) In The Teeth -- Are Agencies Working For Brands, Or Themselves?
Snapchat Raises $1.8B, IPO Expected This Year
Snapchat Becomes A Top Five Unicorn
MAD London Break: May 30 - June 3
Facebook Expands Ad Reach Off-Network, Will Now Target Users Not Connected To Facebook
Brexit Debate Not Impacting Consumer Confidence
What Happens To New Email Rules If The UK Leaves The EU?
France Moves Forward With The Right To Disconnect
Think Tank Calls On A Google Tax To Fund Journalism
Investment Advisory Firm Gives Thumbs Up to Martin Sorrell's $106 Million Pay Package
Facebook To Track Web Users Without Accounts
LinkedIn Advises Users To Pick Stronger Passwords After Hack
Cross Screen, Forked Tongue
'Daily Mail' Group Print Revenue Plummets
Two Years To Go Until GDPR Becomes The Law
MAD London - Thursday, May 26, 2016
Nobody Will Miss Mobile Display -- Brands, Are You Prepared?
Facebook Will Shutter Facebook Exchange (FBX)
Three Presses Ahead With Mobile Ad Blocking Trial
Forget Likes And Shares -- Use Social To Grow Email Lists
Google Lets Brands Bid Based On Device Type, Hailed A 'Significant' Move
Netflix And Amazon Must Carry 20% European Content In The EU
Marketers Get More Done By 'Batching' Emails Instead Of Replying Immediately
Trinity Mirror Looks To Merge Ad Sales With Rivals As Print Revenues Fall
ASA Says More Work Needed In Educating Brands On Internet Rules
Abuse Of Females Rife Online -- And Women Are Responsible For Half Of It
Two Years To Go Until GDPR Becomes The Law
Pepper The Robot Gets A Job At Pizza Hut In Asia
BBC Director General Rules Out BBC Carrying Online Ads
France Officially Bans Work Email After Hours
Google Maps Gets More Ads With Support From Beacons, Proximity Campaigns
What Online Marketers Can Learn From Coffee Shops
MAD London - Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Google Redesigns AdWords For Mobile-First Campaigns, Adds Programmatic Ad Features
Spotify Has Record Year, But When Will It Make Money?
Facebook Investigation Finds Potential For Media Bias
Snapchat Seeks New Funding, Commands 100M Daily Users
Twitter's Dorsey Claims Progress But 'Things Take Time To Change'
Everything I Know About Content Marketing, I Learned In Writing Class
PHD Boards Carnival, Consolidates $100 Million+ In Media
Google To Get Rid Of Android Passwords For Biometrics And Trust Scores
OMG! Agency Kickbacks Could Lead To Jail Time!
BT Sport Says Swapping Data For Streaming Champions League Final On YouTube Makes Sense
UK Government Announces Review Of Anti-Terror Email Harvesting Powers
Google Mulls Selling Promotional Pins For Google Maps On Mobile
Brexit Campaigners Emailed Supporters Its Rivals' Contact Details
Consumers Warned Over Rise In Holiday Email Interception Scams
Sky News Closes U.S. Site
Google's Paris Office Raided In Tax Investigation
Lord Sugar's Amscreen Fires Digicom
Netflix, Amazon Subject To EU Quotas, Investments
We All Made More Profit Last Year Than Twitter And Spotify Combined -- Houston, We Have A Problem
MAD London - Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Facebook Lets Publishers Stream Live Video
Selfies Put Society In An 'Adolescent Crisis,' Psychoanalyst Warns
Survey Probes Marketing Performance-Related Talent Issues
Facebook Denies New Bias, Updates Guidelines To Its News Reviewers
Hulu Worth Pegged At $25B, Profitable In 2 Years
M&S Seeks Aligned Consistent Message Through Ad Account Review
EBay Advertising Reshuffle Aligns Executives Across Europe
Deadline For Google Journalism And Innovation Grants Looms Next Week
John Caudwell Backs Mobile Challenger Unshackled
The Dark Side Of Digital Interfaces
It's Not Just You -- Psychoanalyst Calls Out The Selfie-Obsessed
Subject Line Suggestions Will Replace Gut Feeling With Data-Driven Insight
Survey To Determine Extent of Sexism In Advertising Agencies
MAD London - Monday, May 23, 2016
UK's VCCP Acquires San Francisco Indie Shop Mut-Tay-Zik | Hof-fer
Facebook Builds A VR Team In London
Mobile Is Email's Second Chance -- Get Relevant Or Go Home
Anti-Fraud Certification Launches With 30+ Participants
Consumers Are Backing Sustainability, Claims Unilever
UK Comedian Built A Career On Responding To Spam
Global Pay TV Revenues Forecast To See Slower Gains
Ryanair Pro 'Remain' Ad Reported To The Police
Anti-Fracking Campaigners Accused Of Email Hacking
Research Shows Nationals Coverage Favours Brexit
Former UK Regulator's Economist Claims Email Makes Post Rules Out Of Date
Virgin Active Launches Connected Spin Class
Irish Bookmaker Rapped For Crucifixion Email Ad
Premier Inn Hands GBP15m Ad Account To Lucky Generals
British Labour Party Criticised Over 'Firstname' Personalisation
Will EU Regulate Content Of U.S. Streaming Services?
Habitat Appoints Rapier To Handle CRM And Customer Database
The Best Use Of Google Cardboard Is The Recycling Bin
MAD London - Friday, May 20, 2016
Google Poised To Change Search Ads, Again
Brits Nearly Most Cynical Nation On Brand Trust
French Censorship Order Appealed By Google
Instagram Adds Video To Carousel Ads
Sky Uses Twitter's Niche To Push Sky Go
Beacons Double This Year, On Way To 400 Million In Market
UM and OMD Win Big At Festival of Media
Should Brands Be Concerned By Google's Shift Into AI?
The Data Tsunami Is Coming
Facebook Live Lets You Peer Into Homes Around The World
Why Don't Most Large Advertisers Treat Marketing As A Core Competency?
YouTube Rules Out Challenging BT Sport Or Sky On Football Rights
U.N. Humanitarian Campaign Puts Heat On Member Nations
'The Observer' And 'i' Newspapers Gain Most From The Independent's Print Closure
Contactless Cards On Borrowed Time
Forget Western Brand Cynicism -- China Loves Our Brands
MAD London - Thursday, May 19, 2016
Click Fraud Hijacks Bing, Google, Yahoo Searches
Marketers Will Be Voting To Remain In The EU
Is Search Dead?
Google Home Brings Privacy, Security Questions Into Play
Peroni Success Attributed To Strong Marketing By SABMiller
Bye-Bye, Middlemen -- Header Bidding Is Here to Stay
Public Associate Non-Sponsoring Brands As Linked To Euro 16
Nationwide Puts GBP20m Media Account Up For Review
Fool Me Once: Facebook's Alluring Proposition
NHS Uses Augmented Outdoor Ads
i Newspaper's Circulation Nears 300,000, Up 7%
Electoral Commission Launches Registration Campaign For Referendum
Nike Or Adidas? If You Don't Know Either, Sports Sponsorship Has A Problem
MAD London - Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Android Pay Launches In The UK
Twitter Rethinks Character Limit -- Humanity Hangs In The Balance
Is Twitter's Tweak A New Opportunity For Marketers?
The Future of Mobile Advertising (Unless We Screw It Up)
Android Grows In Europe At The Expense Of Windows And Apple
You Have One Chance To Make A Good First Search Impression
Will EU State Aid Rules Leave Homes Without Superfast Broadband?
Yet Another Study Claims Ad Blockers Will Decimate Ad Revenue; This Time It's $12 Billion by 2020
Burberry Profits Down, GBP100m Cost Cuts Planned By 2019
Gap App Plans To Replace Discounting With Better Recommendations
Big British Retailers Lag Behind In Omnichannel Experience
Android Pay Is A Tipping Point For Mobile Payments As Well As Loyalty Schemes
Unacast Raises $5M To Capitalize On Mobile Beacons
Header Bidding: It's A Mixed Bag But Mostly Beneficial
MAD London - Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Twitter To Stop Counting Links In 140-Character Limit
Another 20 Million Fitness Trackers And Smartwatches Hit The Market
Google Cardboard App Now Available At Apple App Store
Mobile First
Time-Based Advertising Is Taking Off
Facebook Takes On Google With Network Extension And Video Offering
What Is Your Learning Plan?
Pinterest's First UK TV Campaign Breaks Tonight
Warren Buffet Amasses Billion-Dollar Slice Of Apple
Beyond Pretty Charts: 3 Must-Haves For Programmatic Analytics
Clear Channel Reaches Tipping Point Of 50% Revenue From Digital
British National Health Foundation's Email Not Delivering To All Patients
DM Trust Offers Brands Financial Help To Safeguard Best Practice
Google Cardboard On The App Store -- Time To Get Virtual On Customer Experience
Google Adds Commerce To Image Search, Places Real-Time Inventory In Query Results
France Could Ban Emails After Work Hours
Virtual Reality Gaining A Toehold
MAD London - Monday, May 16, 2016
O2 Chief Exec Lining Up Management Buyout
The Data Dilemma: How To Leverage Big Data To Deliver Big Results
Royal Ad Break Joins In Trend For TV Takeover Slots
Bringing Tech Agility To Your Marketing Process
Use Your Arm To Swipe On Your Smartwatch
Playing the Green Field Outside The Walled Garden
Twitter, Facebook And YouTube To Be Sued In France
Spotify Appoints Chris Forrester As Head Of UK
Eurovision Smashes Its Past Record With 7m Tweets
L'Oreal Launches The Start-Up 'Founders Factory'
Brands Plan Their Own 'Uber Moment' Disruption With Start-Up Partnerships
FTC Reportedly Re-Evaluating Google Search Practices For Abuse
Pinterest Lifts Affiliate Link Ban, Rolls Out Network
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