• Content You Can Bank On
    The rub with online video advertising has been a lack of inventory. So video sites - case in point, AtomFilms - are mining every chance to stuff more marketing content online and snag users to watch it.
  • Digital Vivification
    Viv, a new women's health and wellness magazine, is a slickly designed and packaged digital play that represents a major development in online publishing.
  • Mobile Humor Is Funny, No?
    Call it the, how you say, "Borat Effect." Humor is the new mover and shaker online, particularly for mobile devices.
  • Preaching to the Converted
    Blind-ad networks have their place. But now there's a content-targeted network that lets advertisers choose the sites - even individual pages or sections of sites - their ads appear on.
  • New Crop of Ad Nixers
    Ad blocking is back: The once-clunky software that blocked unwanted - for the consumer, that is - banners and pop-ups has evolved significantly. Today's browsers support sophisticated ad-blocking code.
  • Taking the Lead
    In an uncertain search-engine marketing world, who really knows whether those click-throughs to your site are real leads or fraudulent link-pushers?
  • Toga! Toga!
    It's best known for hits of the '70s - the classic movie "Animal House" and, of course, the magazine - but National Lampoon remains a comedic powerhouse today.
  • Ask Me Again
    Seems like Ask.com is looking for local flavor. Barry Diller's IAC/InterActiveCorp announced late last year that its search engine, Ask.com, is getting a local face-lift called AskCity.
  • Fixing the Polling Problem
    It can be hard to pin people down for poll-taking when they don't sit in front of their computers or near their home phones long enough to answer a few questions.
  • Lots of Phish in the Sea
    New information in the ocean of data on phishing indicates that the number of e-mail attacks has doubled in the past two years.
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