• Cliques Rule Twitter
    Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, who recently returned to the five-year-old company in the role of executive chairman, has made it his mission to make Twitter more social - and he's got his work cut out for him.
  • I've Got a Baby...Giraffe?
    Gregor, the Russian billionaire who flaunts his ludicrously lavish lifestyle in the DirecTV commercials "Opulence, I Has It" and "I Am Epic Win," is quite a character. But his petite lap giraffe - seen perched next to the oligarch on a couch in one spot and walking on a tiny treadmill in another - is a true scene-stealer.
  • 5 Questions for TheStreet's Daryl Otte
    Taking the helm at TheStreet during the height of the recession in 2009, CEO Daryl Otte is used to the precariousness of online publishing. Good thing, given the company lost $5.7 million from a revenue of $57 million last year. Hopeful about the future, Otte points to investments made in the business, an improving economy and ad market, along with The New York Times' recent return to subscriptions as validation for TheStreet's mixed monetization model. Otte graciously took some time to elaborate on his optimism and why their model is right for our times.
  • 140 Characters or Less: Sorry Charlie
    By the time this goes to press, Charlie Sheen could be dead, incarcerated, or - heck - back on TV. But at the time of writing, he was just getting the first reviews for his touring one-man show, "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option." Everyone seems to agree that it is horrendously bad: not funny, because he's not a stand-up comedian; not interesting, since all he does is rant; and not revelatory, as he's still at pains to present a cool, "winning" image (on stage at least).
  • Search: A Page in Google's Next Chapter
    It's not clear whether Larry Page's return to run Google will breathe new life into the technology company or find it slipping to second place and forced to play catch-up to another Internet giant. One thing is for sure - the cofounder, along with Sergey Brin, will shake things up.
  • Search: Calculating Clicks
    Advertisers need to take the small mobile screen into consideration when planning paid search campaigns, as formats continue to evolve and technology improves to display and track ads. Expect technology to evolve this year to track purchase behavior, as well as link activity on mobile devices to in-store purchases.
  • WebU: Your Ads, Your Buys
    Stewardship is the only way to make a good media buy great. Sure, negotiating low CPMs and securing great placements are key to online success. However, in many ways, they are purely theoretical.
  • Game Mechanics: The Gaming Frontier
    Gamification is happening and for the record ... I love it. It has huge potential, but only if we stop trying to make out with it and work to understand it.
  • Ed:Blog
    Joe Mandese, editor-in-chief of MediaPost here, writing my first-ever one of these typically anonymous Ed:Blogs. Not sure why they've been anonymous up until now, because this whole thing began with OMMA founding editor Tobi Elkin and carried through to the masterful John Capone. But I should've known I'd be writing one of them sooner or later, ever since Capone told us last fall that he was relocating to Napa Valley for eight months while his fiancée, Courtney, completed a sommelier training program at the Culinary Institute of America's annex there. I mean, how could we possibly compete with wine country? ...
  • Industry Watch: Airlines: Mobilize and Socialize
    Airlines, with their on-the-move customers and dependence on fluctuating conditions - like a foot of snow in 12 hours at JFK in New York - have extra incentives to max out their mobile and social media connections with consumers. Spurred on by each other, JetBlue, Delta and Virgin America have upped the ante on marketing and customer service efforts on Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps as air passengers' patience wanes.
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