Search Marketing Daily Editions for May 2016
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Mobile App Ad Blocking Skyrocketing, Forcing Brands To Rethink Advertising
Partnerships Can Help You 'Punch Above Your Weight Class'
Tesla Becomes Google's Biggest Threat For Mapping Data
'Ex Machina''s Script For Our Future
Facebook, Google, Microsoft To Collectively Combat Terrorists' Hate Speech
Bullseye! To Make Ads Resonate, Put Them In Line Of Sight
EU Tightens Hate Speech Rules
Alibaba Invests In Twiggle AI-Powered Search For Ecommerce
Marketo Sells To Private Equity Firm For $1.79 Bil
New York Media Partners With Sailthru To Tackle Subscription Growth, Engagement
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, May 27, 2016
Backlinks Still Have High Correlation To Web Site Traffic, Study Finds
Google AMPs iOS App, Search
Facebook, Microsoft Build Cable Across Atlantic To Support Data, Internet Services
Facebook Expands Ad Reach Off-Network, Will Now Target Users Not Connected To Facebook
Think Tank Calls On A Google Tax To Fund Journalism
Six Big Google Ad Changes And Why They're Important
Marin Software, Boost Media Partner To Migrate Ads To Google's New AdWords Format
Know The Customers To Find Their Paths To Purchase
Meet Terrapattern, A Mapping Search Tool For Satellite Images
Ad Spend Shifts To Desktop And Mobile Video
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 26, 2016
Google Eliminates Passwords, Begins Something New
Help 'Spearfisher' Shoppers With Smart Search
Mobile, Desktop Search Behavior Differs Greatly On Google, Study Shows
Microsoft Introduces Rowe, A News Bot Powered By Bing
Ensighten Tag Management Expands Data Collection For IBM's Cloud Exchange
Telmetrics Adds Call Analytics To Measure Social Campaigns
Google Looks Into Your Brain And Figures You Out
Digital Tops Media Supply Chain, In Alphabetical Order: Google Now 12% Of All Ad Spend
FTC To Examine Privacy Policies, AdChoices Icon
Beacons Reach Beyond Retail To Banking, Horse Racing, Search
Greatist's Flanzraich Discusses Site's Millennial Success, Future
Predictive Consumer Experiences: The Promise Of The Internet Of Things
Google Bows Free Data Studio
Branded Content To Replace Advertising
Google To Release Handset Vendor List Lagging In Android Secutiry Updates
Google To Open Self-Driving Lab Near Detroit
10 Need-To-Know Tips For Google Expanded Text Ads
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Millennials Tell Stories Through Social Media, Not Search Marketing
Google Lets Brands Bid Based On Device Type, Hailed A 'Significant' Move
Google Maps Gets More Ads With Support From Beacons, Proximity Campaigns
Industry Puts Brakes On M&As, Most Media Execs Walking From Planned Deals
Google Maps To Give Directions, And Take Ads
What Google Is Doing To Stop Ad Fraud
Tax Officials Raid Google Paris
Microsoft Puts Plans In Place To Combat Terrorist Content Online
TripAdvisor Dances With Google Play Music
Everything I Know About Content Marketing, I Learned In Writing Class
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Why Google Home Will Become Your Next Home Phone
Google Redesigns AdWords For Mobile-First Campaigns, Adds Programmatic Ad Features
Google, Oracle Attorneys Present Closing Arguments In Java, Android Case
eBay Acquires Ticketbis For StubHub, Expands Opportunities For Advertisers
Yahoo Pays $544,061 To Protect Marissa Mayer
Google Experiments With Desktop Layout, Looks More Like Mobile Cards
Deadline For Google Journalism And Innovation Grants Looms Next Week
Searchmetrics Raises Nearly $8 Million
Google Lets Marketers Group Sites, Apps To Aggregate Data
Apple, Microsoft and Google Rolling In Cash
Google Selling Branded 'Pins' In Maps
7 Questions To Drive Media Company Ad Revs
Self-Driving Cars: An Industry In Search Of A Market
Marketing To Women: You Can't Afford Not To
RNC Reserves $150 Million In Digital Ad Buys
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, May 23, 2016
Consumers Flip-Flop About Google, Bing Voice Search Study Shows
Media Industry Eyes Existential Risk Of AI, Ex-Googlers Weigh In
How Consumers Are Changing Affiliate Marketing
Trademark Lawsuit Filings In Decline
The Mobile Shopper: Research, Buy, Track, Shop Again
We Are Social Plans Google's 'Escape'
The Best Use Of Google Cardboard Is The Recycling Bin
Subject Line Suggestions Will Replace Gut Feeling With Data-Driven Insight
Getting Schooled In Digital Marketing
Google To Research Music-Making AI
Revenue Surge In Mobile, Programmatic Ads To Push Ad Growth Through 2020
Indexing, Ranking Becomes Important For Apps
Do Split Testing Titles And H1s Have An Impact On SEO?
5 Ways Amazon's Echo Welcomes CPG Brands Into The Future
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, May 20, 2016
AI Requires Marketers To Rethink Search
Former Googlers Build AI Search Technology For Ecommerce
Everlast's Ecommerce Search Push Started With Red Boxing Gloves
Levi's, Google Make Urban Tech Jacket For Cyclists
Google Challenges Illinois 'Faceprint' Law
Criteo Launches Dynamic Email Retargeting Solution
Are You Leveraging Your Best Data?
French Censorship Order Appealed By Google
Verizon Could Get Yahoo For A Steal
Robot Takes Orders At Fast Food Restaurant
Should Brands Be Concerned By Google's Shift Into AI?
How To Bring Consistency To Citations
Google Wants To Raise Your App's IQ
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 19, 2016
Navigation Takes A Bite From Search In Apps
Google Poised To Change Search Ads, Again
Google's Coming Home, Among Other Developments
Marchex Integrates With Adobe To Improve Return On Ad Spend
Don't Push Millennials; Build Trust, Gain Loyalty
Bing Ads Compares Performance Data Between Campaigns
What Does the Coming Chatbot Revolution Mean for Marketers?
The Data Tsunami Is Coming
ANA Finds Most Clients Ignorant About 'Sourced Traffic,' Calls On Agencies To 'Educate' Them
U.S. Ad Volume Declines From March, But Posts Biggest April To Date
Mobile Is Starting To Reach TV-Sized Audiences
SEO: Optimizing For Disabilities Teams With Gimmal For Document Storage in Email
Google Preps 'Family Library' For Play Store
Google Debuts Firebase Analytics
7 Free AdWords Tools Marketers May Want To Try
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Google Home Brings Another Data Source For Search Marketers
Google Home Brings Privacy, Security Questions Into Play
Is Search Dead?
Click Fraud Hijacks Bing, Google, Yahoo Searches
Connexity Audience Segments Become Increasingly Targeted, Pulls In Brand Preference Data
Google Makes Final Pitch To Supreme Court Over Pay-Per-Click Class Action
Online Shopping With The Affluents
Grey Jean Technologies Launches AI-Powered Recommendation Engine
Travel Apps Spike As Americans Seek Escape
AppNexus Strikes Back Against Google's Attempt To End Header Bidding
Local Search Association Acquires Ad-Builder
Heat-Mapping Technology Identifies Where Consumers Struggle On Web Sites
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 17, 2016
40% Of Marketers At Big Companies Wait More Than Six Months For Critical SEO Changes
Amazon Adds Alexa Voice Assistant To Fire TV
You Have One Chance To Make A Good First Search Impression
Digital Engagement Strongest For Moms With Young Children
Google Cardboard On The App Store -- Time To Get Virtual On Customer Experience
Data Tells Why Brands Lag And Drag On Mobile
Facebook Sells Video Ads On Other Sites
Facebook Takes On Google With Network Extension And Video Offering
Google Cardboard App Now Available At Apple App Store
Google Spaces For Sharing Content In Small Groups
eBay Uses AI To Strengthen Search Across Marketplace
Stories Paid-Search Clicks Tell To Strengthen Remarketing
Microsoft Redesigns Bing Ads Editor
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