MediaDailyNews Editions for October 2020
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Oct. 30, 2020
What Boycott? Facebook Ad Revenue Up 22% In Q3, Active Advertisers Up By 1M Since July
This Just In From The Mars News Channel...
Citing 'Unparalleled Changes' During 2020, IPG Mediabrands Launches Reprise Commerce Unit
Gut Research Finds More 'Positives' For Biden, 'Negatives' For The Other Guy
GroupM Claws Back Most Of Lost Ground In Q2
Ipsos Forecast Model Predicts 'Narrow' Biden Win: Cites Pandemic, Other Key Issues
NBCU Completes Upfront, Sees Q3 Ad Revenues Decline
Upfront Falls Nearly 15% From 2019-20, But Only 2% After Adjusting For Cancellations
While Ad Spending Crashed For Most News Media During Pandemic, Fox News Rallied 41%
It's In Your Hands Now
'Mandalorian' Made A Splash, While 'Brave New World' Fizzled
Search Guru: Google Still Allowing Political Ad Disinformation
WPP Reports Nearly 12% Net Revenue Drop For Q3
MDC Partners Reports Q3 Revenue Shortfall
IAB Wants A Say In Apple's Privacy Settings
Local TV Stations Turn To Datacasting As Revenue Source
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020
Republican Voters Most Keen On Brand Role In Politics: Independents, Not So Much
On Eve Of Election, Brand Interest Increases For 'Social Media'
Walgreens Boots Alliance Retains WPP As Global Marketing Partner
Google Search Boycott: Brands, Agencies Buzz About Possibilities
Apple's 25/65 Rule
eMarketer Updates 2020 Ad Outlook: -4.5% Worldwide
For TV Shows Set In The Past, COVID Is Nowhere In Sight
Senators Question Tech CEOs About Online 'Censorship'
Is Apple Stepping Up Search Engine Push As Google Faces Regulatory Fire?
Expect Shorter Network TV Seasons
Vizio Merging Inscape Data Operations With Vizio Ads
Agencies Unleash Election Projects
MDC Partners Reports Q3 Revenue Shortfall
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020
Ad Execs Reveal How They Turn A Blind Eye To Walled Gardens, Suspend Measurement Standards
Nielsen 'Adjusts' Radio Ratings For Bluetooth Headphones, One-Time Fix Boosts Estimates About 4%
Facebook CEO Will Ask Lawmakers To Revise Section 230
Harris Poll Reveals A Quarter Of Advertisers Boycotted Google, Too
In Preparation For Spin-Off, Nielsen Differentiates Consumer Research Brand As 'IQ'
Digital Political Ad Fraud Climbing To $377 Million: Study
Kinesso's Robbins Elevated To Chief Product Officer
Most Agencies Happy With Services They Offer, But Would Add More
'Un-carrier' T-Mobile Relaunches Its Un-cable TVision Streaming Service
QAnon Members Sue YouTube Over Takedowns
Jaguar Enlists CNN's Courageous Studios For Branded Content
FCC Affirms Decision To Scrap Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
'Borat' Streams Hit 1.6 Million TV Homes, National TV Ad Spend At $20.4 Million
Apple TV+ Plus Coup: New Jon Stewart Show, First-Look Deal
Sinclair's Desperate Move To Save Regional Sports Networks
Kiss America Good-Bye: Big-Box 'Superstore' Copes With COVID
What Do Insta Influencers Actually Earn?
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020
Two-Thirds Of Agency Execs Have Changed Their Shop Due To COVID, Mostly Financially
Sports TV Piracy Remains A Major Challenge
Trump, Biden Lay Out Big Ad Spend, But What's The Engagement Payoff?
Why Free News Is (Usually) Bad News
Lights, Camera, Not Much Action: Movie Ad Spending, Box Office Still Down Sharply
With 2020 Vision, 'Conners' Starts Season With Timely Topics
MediaLink Taps Dentsu Veteran For Data/Tech Solutions Role
SMI Taps Koons For Strategic Partnerships
Twitter Adds 'Pre-Bunk' Alerts To Preempt False Voting, Election Information
FCC's Starks Warns Against Misuse Of 'Deeply Personal' Location Data
Ensuring Advancement Of Quality Data: Q&A With Truthset's Scott McKinley
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Oct. 26, 2020
Mediahub Awarded TracFone Wireless Media Account
Who Should We Endorse And Why?
Facebook Steps Into Cloud Gaming With Playable Ads
Brand Research Shows 'Compelling' Electoral Enthusiasm For Joe Biden
Canada Hit Harder By Ad Recession, U.S. Proves More Resilient
Notes From The Underground: Super Doc Operates Subway Clinic
Second Presidential Debate Down 14% From The First: Nielsen
Havas Narrows Organic Revenue Decline In Q3
Consumer Reports Endorses California Ballot Initiative To Broaden Privacy Law
Facebook Finally To Launch Its Oversight Board
Facebook Tells NYU To Halt Political Research Project
Fox News President, Several Anchors Advised To Quarantine: Report
Quibi May Have Survived If It Wasn't A Standalone Service
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Oct. 23, 2020
U.S. Ad Spending Lags GDP Heading In, Coming Out Of 2020 Recession
Facebook's Everson Tells ANA She Is 'Thankful' Boycott Happened
News Viewing Soars 23% In September, 48% In Q2
Did You Hear The One About The Brand Guy Who Delivered A Punchline At The ANA?
The 22,000+ Lies Are Trump's, Not The Media's
Omnicom/Pandora Research Finds A Tale Of Two Streamers: Audio Vs. Video
'Customer Loyalty' Is Back, 'Facebook Mobile Ads' Soar
GroupM Taps SpotX To Expand Programmatic Video Offering To U.S.
Gaming Is Emerging As Next Dominant Tech Platform
Ad-Saturated YouTube No Longer An Option For Many Political Campaigns
FCC Counsel Defends Plan To Tinker With Web Publishers' Legal Protections
Google Gets Closer To Targeting Ads Based On Personalization, Privacy
Trump, Biden Campaigns Are Wide Open To Spoofing, Study Finds
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020
ANA: 15% Of Digital Ad Costs Going To 'Unknown'
Dentsu's Next Sustainability Goal: 'Net Zero Emissions' By 2030
Study Finds 'Digital Retail Advertising' Cannibalizing More Established Ad Budgets
New TV Season, Marked By Massive Entertainment Ad Declines, Kicks Off With Fewer New Shows
Report: Quibi Spent $63 Million On Advertising This Year
Media Should Serve, Not Convert, The People
Media Agency Veteran Castree Turning Over A New Leaf
'Selfie' Doc Is Unsettling Journey Along America's Fault Lines
OAAA Launches Working Group, Sets Standards For Real-Time Bidding
Tubular Intros Deduplicated YouTube, Facebook Video Audience Ratings
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020
IPG Implements Succession Plan, Krakowsky To Become CEO In January
Facebook Rolls Out New Frictionless Commerce Ad Features, Aimed At Mobile Holiday Shopping Season
Better Late Than Never: New Season Starting To Rev Up
PMG Wins TikTok Assignment
Deloitte Digital's Heat Wins AOR For Energizer Holding's Auto Care Group
New Bill Takes Aim At 'Harmful' Online Content
House Republicans Want Tech CEOs To Testify About 'Censorship' Policies
Antitrust Suit Against Google ls Disappointing For Publishers
Lockdown Advice For A Long Winter
Pandemic Blues? Let's Hear It For Media Nostalgia
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020
U.S. Ad Economy Expands Again In September, Second Consecutive Month Of Gains
Promote Iceland Taps Havas Media
Facebook Blocked 2.2 Million Ads For Breaking Political Campaign Rules
House Democrats Blast FCC Chief Over Plan To Regulate Social Media
Holiday Ad Spending Starts Early As Brands And Retailers Face Concerns Over Shipping Capacity
Biden Word-of-Mouth Sentiment Turns Positive For First Time
Study Finds Most Will Be Glued To Election Results, But Biden Supporters More Likely To Believe Them
Enquiring Minds Want To Know How Rupert Murdoch Became David Pecker
TV Networks Cut Losses, Down 6% in Q3, AVOD To Surge 32%: Analyst
Will Sorrell's Soon-To-Be Ex Have A Say In S4 Capital?
Fake News Spreads To Fill Local Newspaper Void
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Oct. 19, 2020
Political Advertising Spend Hits Record $6.7 Billion
NBC's Trump Town Hall Coverage Lost Viewers, Probably Money, Too
Biden Thumps Trump In Head-To-Head Town Halls
Is Digital Audience Accountability Going On Hiatus?
Agencies Lend Their Talents To Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns
Voice Of America: On PBS, The Times Of Walter Winchell
Report: 2020 Magazine Covers Feature Black People 3X More Than In Past 90 Years
Kantar Taps Marketing Vet Nasard As CEO
IPG Agencies Join Forces To Help Launch #MeToo's 'Act Too'
What Are The Ethical Implications Of Technology?
White House Presses To Move Forward With TikTok Ban
'Local Marketing' Surges, 'Content Marketing' Erodes
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