Television News Daily Editions for November 2016
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016
Good Golly, Miss Dolly! What Was Christmas Before She Came Along?
New TV, Media Competitors Up Ad Spend Heading Into Holidays
A Netflix Button Is Coming To TiVo Remotes
How Accurate Are Those Ratings? It's Easy to Find Out
SintecMedia Acquires Operative For Almost $200M
Got YouTube Live In 4K, If You Want It
TV Networks Consider Dumping Commercials For 468x60 Banners
NFL Players Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk With 'My Cause, My Cleats' Effort
Digital's OTT Cannibals: Coming To Thieve Or Thrive?
Carnival Sponsors 'Celebrity Apprentice'
DirecTV Now Ready, With Lots Of Plans
Now You Can Watch Some Netflix Offline
NFL Ratings Signals The New Media Order
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
Syfy Series Predicts: In Future, Corporations Will Control The Planet
Pay TV Homes Dip 1.6%, Rise In Cord-Shaving
TV Ad Needs The Quality Of Good TV: Strong Storytelling
'New Celebrity Apprentice' Returns With Schwarzenegger In Boardroom
CNN Buys Beme To Get To Neistat's Next Ideas
Vizio Presses Judge To Dismiss Privacy Case
Secrets Of Programming Success Revealed: Q&A With Producer Mark Cronin
CNN Paid $25M For Beme
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 28, 2016
Trump To News Media: You're No Fun At All!
TV's Reach Metric Rises For Young Viewers
Wieser Revises 2017 Downward: Cites 'Uncertainties,' Tough 2016 Comparison
SunTrust, StrawberryFrog Celebrate 'Presence' During The Holidays
Comcast Data Cap Too Low For Ultra High -Def, Layer3 Says
Amazon Ups Sports Options, Preps For Future
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 25, 2016
TV Without Commercials? That Reality Is Already Here
Total Day October TV Usage Grows 2%
Lying About What You Watch On TV? Heavens No!
Sports, Political TV Fuel National TV Ad Sales In October
The Attack Of The Skinny Bundles
ABC, Yahoo Battle Father Who Streamed Son's Birth On Facebook
Mainstream Media Needs To Recapture Its Investigative Thread, Start A Two-Way Conversation
Google Creates Branding Issue: Google Cast Vs. Chromecast
Not Your Everyday Strategy: Social Advertising Tips For CPG Brands
Subaru Highlights Inspiring Stories
PewDiePie Comes Home, Gets Emotional
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016
Much Of TV Might Be Trash, But There Is Plenty Of Treasure Too
Forecast: Local TV Ads To Witness Steep Decline In 2017
Trump Rails Against Media Executives, Anchors In Private Meeting
Can Nielsen Really Measure My 17-Year-Old's Media Experiences?
SVOD Subscribers Forecast To Grow To 112 Million In 2016
AT&T/DirecTV Service Ready To Roll, Absent CBS
TV/Media News Viewers Want More Facts, Less Interpretation
AT&T Defends DirecTV Zero-Rating
Heinz Baked Beans Can-Tapping Ad Banned
The Flailing Donald Trump
BBC Looks To Dominate Christmas Again With Return Of Sherlock And Other Hits
Election 2016 - How did the Media Get it Wrong?
Empower MediaMarketing Expands Programmatic Offering, Adds TV Inventory
OTT Boxes Live Peacefully With MVPD
Mainstream Media Needs To Recapture Its Investigative Thread, Start A Two-Way Conversation
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016
Who Is Your Favorite TV Character?
AT&T, Dish And WPP Group Take Joint Ownership Of Invidi
Trump Rails Against Media Executives, Anchors In Private Meeting
Entertainment, Politics, Business Firings? It's All Porous
Indie Networks' Ad Share Grows, Cable Does Best
Reese Witherspoon Platform Has Deal With Chernin, At&T
NFL National TV Ads Down Slightly, Major Declines In Viewers
Apple's Christmas Ad Sees Frankenstein's Monster Caroling
NBCU Invests $200M In 'BuzzFeed' To Up Ad Sales, Video
Lenin Cries In Valentine Vodka's First TV Spot
Digital Engagement Index
Say It With Live Video, Especially If It's Nothing Much
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 21, 2016
Comparing The '70s To Today After Stumbling On 'Sonny & Cher'
Nielsen Expands Digital Ad Ratings With Insight Service
Donald Trump May Be Seth Meyers' Best Friend
2016 'All Stars' Unveiled
'Bloomberg' Shakes Up Politics, 'Businessweek' Post-Election
Premier League Signs Massive Chinese Rights Deal
The Catastrophe Of Divorce -- And Other Post-Election Fixations
Senate Democrats Want FCC To Crack Down On 'Zero-Rating' Schemes
Will Fake News Be Old Media's Impetus For Consumer Growth?
Warner Bros. Buying Machinima For $100M
In Fake News Era, TV Retains Top Spot In Voter Influence
In The Wake Of Fake: New Life For Mainstream Media
On-Target Versus Reach: The Digital World Needs Both To Succeed
Watch 'The Crown' To Escape Post-Election Woes
Saturday Morning TV: Carnival - Not Cartoons
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 18, 2016
How Have The Media Times Changed? The 'AP Stylebook' Knows
Traditional TV Views Stable, Millennial SVOD Use Rises
Free SVOD Services: Lots Of Ads, Less Demand
OgilvyRed Partners With Zype To Advise Clients on OTT Impact
NBC Sports Spearheads Effort For 3-Day Weekend
Back To The Future: Using The Jetsons To Plot A Futuristic Ad Campaign
Clay Matthews Sings For Muscle Milk
Univision Cuts 200 Jobs, Fusion Hardest Hit
BBC Secures Wimbledon Until 2024
PlayStation Vue Comes To Apple TV, Too
Apples Slashes Pricing For Apps To Lure Trad TV
Amazon Going Around The World; Will The World Know It?
Television News Daily - Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016
How Much Is That Urkel In The Window? On Ebay, Not Much
Addressable TV Eyes $2 Billion Marketplace
New Series Report Cards
New Digital Media Players Less Threat To Pay TV
Market Weighs In On Skinny TV, New TV Packaging
ABC Does Well With Prime-Time Affluent Viewers
Ad-Free Netflix Helps Publicize Ad-Filled TV
MGM To Debut Family Digital Network, Light TV
FCC Urged To Delay 'Controversial' Proposals
Placemedia Teams Up With Rubicon Project To Open Access To PTV Ad Demand
The Past And Present Importance Of Big Data For Entertainment Marketing
#BusterTheDog Is Number One For All The Right, And Wrong, Reasons
Comcast Ends $70 GB Broadband In Area Outside Chicago
Fake News Got More Engagement Than Real Thing On Facebook
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
Pay TV Subscribers Churn, While Cord-Cutting Rises
Facebook, Google: Past 'Fake' News Efforts Impact Premium TV Ad Dollars
A World Without Commercials? Contemplating The Future Of TV
YouTube Stars Live Stream To Oppose Bannon
Comcast Lifts Data Cap In Maine
Cable Spend Linked To Down-Ballot Success
Mediavest | Spark Wins MTV Media AOR
IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenRTB 2.5 With Updates For Programmatic Tech
Erosion Of Trust In Advertising--So What?
Lexus Brings Back December Campaign
We'd Pay For Network TV And Take Netflix With Ads
Agency Of The Year Winners Revealed
We Are Social Creates 'The Only Movie You Wouldn't Want To See'
Online Overtakes TV As Influencer Vloggers Open Up The Teen Market
Digital Engagement Index
The Cross-Screen Measurement Experience: Q&A With VideoAmp's Ross McCray
Innovid, UK's Channel 4 Team Up On Interactive
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