• Shaping The Future Of Corporate America
    Companies like Zappos have proven successful in marketing to teens with its YouTube videos and launch of Zappos TV, further tapping into that need. Zappos TV features videos of real employees having real fun, whether at their trainee graduation, office ice cream party, marshmallow eating contest or parade. What young person wouldn't want to work at a company like that?
  • Marketers Need To Scale The Wall
    Reaching and engaging teens on Facebook is critical as they will become your advocates for life. So learn how to speak to them and appeal to them and adjust your offerings based on seasonality and time of day.
  • Seize The Mobile Opportunity
    As a marketer you have a lot of questions about teens; they have a lot of questions about your products as well as the rest of the world. They need help sorting them out, and mobile devices are fast becoming their oracle.
  • It's Easier -- And Harder -- Than Ever To Know Teens
    The challenge for marketers, as always, is to know your audience. Here are some insights my company has gleaned from experience working with online teen survey panels.