• A Look Ahead
    Poised not only at the start of a new year, but also at the start of a new decade, (oh, yeah, and as head of an online marketing company), it is pretty much required that I spend some time anticipating and predicting what's ahead in the world of teen marketing.
  • Urban Youth Are Unhooking Brand Tether
    A new year is upon us, so why not try to keep one resolution: Don't rely on the old stereotypes. They're evolving and so should you.
  • Two Words: Event Marketing
    Put a sample of a product in a teenager's hand and, sure, if they like it, they are more likely to purchase versus sight unseen. Give that same teen a sample and an experience with the brand and the purchase intent increases even more.
  • Inspire Kids To Act
    It has been fashionable in recent years for charities to draw ideas and inspiration from the commercial world. Maybe now the boot should be on the other foot, with the commercial world learning from the not-for-profit sector.