• Live Fast And Die Young. Or Not
    Although it's unlikely to be officially added as a new word in the Oxford Online Dictionary (alongside recent additions "vajazzled" and "tweeps"), by the close of 2012, it's very likely that you will have come across an article or a tweet or a Facebook post that included the au courant colloquialism YOLO. What is YOLO, you might ask? For those of you without a Tumblr account or a teenaged child (with a Tumblr account, of course), YOLO is the cleverly crafted acronym for "you only live once." Think of it as "carpe diem!" for the text-messaging generation.
  • 3D Printing From Their Perspective
    Want to know the potential impact of 3D printing? Ask a teen. For the past year, 3D printing has been in the headlines, and many a marketer has wondered how it will fit into our daily lives. So when I heard about 3DEA, a 3D printing pop-up shop, I had to check it out. Talking with the teens I met at 3DEA, it was easy to see they were excited by the myriad possibilities at their fingertips and not remotely daunted by the foreign technology in front of them.
  • Reflecting For A New Resolution
    As the year comes to an end, the prevalence of social media is more important than ever, allowing for a constant dialogue between brand and consumer. Marketers continue to be challenged with determining which communication channel is most effective in engaging their audience. A 2012 study revealed that 91% of teens use social media, with 86% indicating that they are most likely to get information about brands from Facebook.
  • How To Score A Spot On Their Holiday Wish Lists
    The holiday season kicked off strong-both online and in-store-but there's still time to make it onto savvy teen wish lists. While younger children mark those ideas down in crayon, their older teen siblings never stop using smartphones to point out gift ideas and deals to their parents while doing a little self-gifting, too, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, "Holiday Shopping's Great Age Divide."