• What's In It For Me?
    Mobile is a teen's remote control for their world. It holds the key to their friends, family, social networks, and it goes with them everywhere. So respect the unique perspective and needs of teens, and you'll get them engaged in your mobile program.
  • Online Forums Can Lead To Prospects
    We all know how much teens are influenced by their peers. If you can find places online that are likely to be populated by people already inclined to take these kinds of "influential" actions, then that's where you want to be.
  • Mind the Gap When Talking About Teens
    Our ongoing research, in collaboration with the Center for Media Design, compares how consumers communicate interpersonally versus how they want marketers to communicate with them. When it comes to teens, there is a marked difference in how they communicate on a personal level when compared to other demographic segments.
  • Success In The Eyes Of Teens Today
    I'm intrigued by how media are transforming today's teens to be tomorrow's innovators and revolutionaries. What will fuel them to do great things as they enter adulthood? How will brands, causes and celebrities inspire their dreams and help make them reality?