• But, Mo-o-o-o-m! -- Converting Engaged Teens To Sales
    To make the sale, you need to take a multi-pronged approach that sparks teens' interest and educates those purchasing the product or supplying the funds on why they should listen to their teen's request.
  • 85% Of Teen Brand Word-Of-Mouth Occurs Offline
    Overall, teens engage in a significantly higher level of WOM about all brand categories than the public as a whole. Brands within media/entertainment are the ones that come up most frequently among teens: 78% engage in one or more conversations per day about these brands, versus 57% of the general public.
  • 'Places' Can Harness Mainstream For Location-Based Services
    The potential for marketers reaching teens through social location is huge. As the teen user base grows, marketers will have more ways to reach teens exactly where they are ... in real-time, in the real-world.
  • From The Bedrooms To ITunes ...
    The most successful campaigns encourage parodying. Old Spice is the most recent example of this with hundreds of great parody videos on YouTube which ultimately extend the franchise and allow consumers to add their own custom flare. So, as a marketer, your goal should be to make your content parody-worthy.