• Facebook's Changes Present Opportunities For Brands
    Here are a few "best practices" marketers should keep in mind so they can get the most out of the "new" Facebook.
  • Unite To Ignite
    Teens want to unite to ignite. They want to change the world. Teens want brands they support to be a part of the solution to solving the world's problems. They want corporations to do more than give money to a cause; they want them to make 'doing good' a part of their daily business.
  • Reversing Roles: Teens In The Drivers Seat
    Just to be clear: although the title of this post may suggest that I am going to be talking about teens driving their moms to soccer practice in a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, I'm not. (Although I've always loved creative writing and that visual gives me a good start -- maybe I'll expand on that in a later post!) Instead, let's talk about a very real shift in the way we as marketers look to influence this market now and in the years to come.
  • Back To School, Back To Reality (Part II Of III)
    With Labor Day in our rear-view mirror, the reality of the new school year has now fully settled upon teens from coast-to-coast -- a reality that is best with significant challenges. As discussed in Part I of this series, the first challenge is that schools are facing increasingly difficult economic choices which, in turn, creates opportunities for marketers to assist schools and students in ways that benefit everyone.
  • 10 Insights Driving Today's Back-to-School Campaigns
    The second-biggest selling season of the year is in full-swing, and families are rushing to their local malls and retail stores for the best deals, for their back-to-school (BTS) shopping.