Why Do Teens Really Watch The Super Bowl?
    Marketers who use Super Bowl commercials as guaranteed opportunities to showcase products to millions of Americans cannot forget that the audience will be heavily populated with teenaged viewers. Everyone talks about Super Bowl commercials, but the most efficient way to capitalize on this fact is to produce commercials that pique the interest of the highly social, connected teen market.
    Every Generation Got Its Own Disease
    For marketers, the message is to admit that we don't know what we don't know. Dr. Frank's team has only begun to chart the relationship between social technologies and at-risk behaviors within teen populations and he could use our help.
    Exploring Mobile Trends For 2011: Social Scrapbooking
    The potent mixture of mobile, social, and photo-sharing is going to be big for teens in 2011, and here's the why/how of it.
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