• Find A Cause, Show Real Commitment
    Kids, tweens and teens are all more likely to buy a product if part of the price goes to a cause close to their hearts. Nearly half of the teens in our panels said they had made a cause-related purchase, and more than 20% asked their parents to buy a particular product because it supported a cause. And the younger set is following the pattern.
  • Training Wheels For Beauty
    It's time for brands to recognize that tween and teen skin care is the perfect way for a consumer to grow into a brand, and it's time for them to start knocking on their bedroom doors with a message: Let the beauty training begin.
  • Drive Behavioral Change And Spur Advocacy
    The primary mission of this campaign, developed as part of a larger statewide Healthy Eating Active Communities program, was to increase middle and high school students' awareness of healthy eating habits.
  • Move Over, Information, It's The Engagement Age
    Marketers need to think of traditional media, social media, digital marketing, etc., as engagement. This age of engagement is also an age of show me. As in, show me the results.
  • Text To Me
    In fact, the best way for advertisers to engage this demographic is with conversational SMS ad units. An old format, but when leveraged effectively can be fun, personal, relevant and extremely effective. In addition, there are ways to leverage calling (or voice) to extend SMS ad units with creative response-based Text-to-Call (TTCall) and even a Text-to-Call Back (TextToConnect) CPC ad units.