Engaging Teens Through Music
    Think back to your own teen years. Maybe it was not long ago. Maybe it was decades ago. What did you love when you were young? Cars? Video games? Movies? Dancing? Sports? Some of you probably liked some of those things but there is one thing pretty much every teen loves and that's music. Music holds a special place in everyone's heart and memory. A song from a long ago summer can bring back memories in a way few other things can match. Listening to and loving music is part and parcel of being a teen.
    Embrace Your Inner Weirdo
    At times, scrolling through Instagram can seem like viewing a sea of sameness. With photo filters and guides to taking the perfect selfie, it's easier than ever to present a highly polished image of oneself on social media. While that means the social sphere has gotten more attractive, it also means that it's becoming increasingly difficult for teens to stand out among all of the photos of people simply looking good. As a result, what's now grabbing young people's attention is when someone is daring enough to break the mold of the stereotypical pretty/handsome/cute aesthetic and instead broadcast their weirdness. …
    Will A Customer-Centric Brand Disrupt Teen Fashion in 2015?
    Although the economy is improving with wages up and many retailers experiencing better results, teen fashion brands are still not doing so well. Just last month, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries resigned after several quarters of weak sales. Earlier in 2014, American Eagle's CEO mysteriously quit after less than two years on the job. Aeropostale also recently announced plans to close 75 stores after eight consecutive lousy quarters.
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