Get On Board With Girl Power
    For the past several months, the "modern woman" has been the center of media focus, from the debate on having it all in the "New York Times" to "Time"'s exploration of the balance of power in the workplace to the PBS documentary about inspiring women. And, of course, there's all the talk about the depiction of young women in HBO's "Girls." During election season, social media was flooded with petitions and videos about women's rights and information about politicians' stances on women's health issues. Many women (and men) posted status updates and photos making statements for women's rights. Teen girls …
    Don't Forget About Video When Allocating Your Social Media Spread
    Most brands include the usual suspects in their social media arsenal - Facebook, Twitter and the ever-growing Instagram - thinking all bases are covered. However, video platforms like the immensely popular YouTube, as well as newcomer Vine, continue to be successful routes to the teen psyche for a number of major brands.
    Winning Over Skeptics With Cause Marketing
    There's a lot of noise in the marketing airwaves these days about doing good. Non-profits want to build strong connections with consumers. And more brands than ever seem to be aligning themselves with a cause or building good deeds right into their businesses. But what do teens think about all this cause marketing?
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