• Today, Conforming Is The New Rebellion
    For most adults, our teenage years were marked by various attempts to further distance ourselves from our parents' generation with piercings, tattoos, unfortunate hairstyles, and provocative clothing choices designed to make the stick-in-the-mud adults in our lives cringe.
  • Get Real: Honesty Goes Further Than Invention To Reach Teen Fans
    Marketers can learn a lot about teens by following the pop charts. Sure, they'll know what music is hot and what's not, but they can also pick up a few tips about branding. In music, as in marketing, image is everything. Lately, the coolest image a band or brand can project is that of just being itself.
  • Back-To-School Bonanza
    School's back for the semester. Students ranging from kindergarteners to college coeds spent their last few days of summer vacation exchanging their beach towels for new backpacks and shoes in preparation for their return to academia. With back-to-school shopping representing the second-largest sales opportunity for retailers, combined K-College spending will reach nearly $84 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).) That's a lot of three-subject notebooks!
  • Buy Me (Maybe): Celebrity Brands Are A Starting Point For Teen Style
    For decades, teens have cared deeply about how they look. But today's media-rich environment provides style ideas way beyond envying what the most popular kids at school are wearing. In a recent Los Angeles Times article, Yesenia Almonte, beauty director for Seventeen magazine, noted that, "Teens are influenced by celebrities and they look to them for inspiration, not just for special occasions like prom and homecoming, but just for everyday school looks."