• Trends for 2012: How Teen Social Media Behavior Will Impact Marketing Strategies
    Teens today are growing up in a vastly different world than I did, due in large part to the emerging technologies that surround them. This young group knows no other world than one in which information is always at their fingertips; a world in which everyone is "connected." It's not surprising that they use the Web more than any other demographic - according to eMarketer 93% of 12-17 year olds are Internet users versus only 74% of the total U.S. population.
  • Teen Girls Likes, Dislikes And Heroes
    Last month we featured "What Are Teen Girls Really Talking About?" I received many emails asking me for more information about "This Girl." So we asked hundreds of teen girls for their likes, dislikes, heroes and favorite movies, books and music. Below is a random sampling of four girls ages 13 - 16, an inside look at "This Girl."
  • Top Teen Insights & Trends Of 2011
    A lot has happened this year and teens have taken notice. World events, economic pressures, personal milestones, friends, education and brands all play big roles in influencing the lives of teens. Teens are evolving and maturing as fast as the technologies and platforms we build around them.
  • Is There A Better Multi-Tasker Than The Teenager?
    Think about it. At any given time, the average teen could be watching television, texting friends, surfing the web and finishing a term paper - all at once. The funny thing is that this is what many teens prefer. Their generation has become so used to the concept of multi-tasking that it has almost become second nature to them. So how can marketers take advantage of that?