• All Hail The Social Media Marketer-in-Chief
    Rarely does a presidential campaign initiate so much response from the marketing world. President Barack Obama didn't just make a huge impression with his social media campaign targeted toward youth, he also taught marketers and brands a valuable lesson: teenagers are listening. Many assume that moody teenagers don't want to hear or participate with brands that interrupt their social circles. President Obama showed us how wrong that is.
  • The New F-Word: Feminism And What It Means For Marketers
    Taylor Swift was recently asked by the Daily Beast if she's a feminist and responded that she "[doesn't] really think about things as guys versus girls" - sparking a bit of a freak-out among women about the future of feminism. There were rants about how Swift doesn't know what feminism is or do her part to empower women, concerns that there aren't any young feminists left to carry the torch, and the occasional essay from young journalists chiming in, supporting the pop star and admitting their own issues aligning with the feminist movement.
  • How To Make A Pop-Up Shop POP!
    A successful trend in retailing is the pop-up shop, a short-term retail space where brands open small stores with the purpose of increasing sales and generating buzz. Pop-up shops serve as a gold mine when targeting teens, a demographic that is easily influenced by what the media deems trendy and popular. GameStop, for example, recently announced they will be launching pop-up stores around the country for the holidays, offering consumers previews of the top-selling and most popular electronics and video games.
  • You Buy With Your Eyes: How to Attract Teen Eyes -- And Dollars -- In-Store
    Ah, the fickle teenager. This choosy consumer has been known to send sales soaring for one brand or retailer this year only to abandon ship for fresher choices the next. But while their allegiances may be fleeting, teens don't hesitate to buy when they fall for a product. So how do you woo erratic teens? Try making this your new mantra: Seeing is buying.