• Tuning In To Media-savvy Girls: 10 Things To Know
    This is the time of the girl - we've seen it coming, and it's here. Global organizations focusing on girl "upliftment," serving future family "upliftment" is working. There are now more girls in U.S. universities than boys.
  • Teaching The Next Generation Of Digital Natives
    How the use of technology in the educational experience will change marketing expectations.
  • How To Engage Teens In Politics
    It's no surprise that engaging teens in general is difficult- their attention spans are among the lowest of all age groups. And when you add to the mix a highly controversial, sometimes confusing subject such as politics, your likelihood of engagement becomes even lower.
  • Occupy Teens: A How-to For Marketers
    The idea of group occupation has been around for a long time, dating back to protests in the form of takeovers and sit-ins throughout modern history, all in the name of social progress. Invigorated recently by Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and all of its offshoots, the idea of "occupy" is a word that has new relevance to teens and those who want to connect with them.