Three Predictions About Generation Z
    Engage teens, but prepare for the "über teen." Generation Z is on the rise, and it may just be the most agile, fickle and trickiest to engage generation yet!
    A Teen Marketing Hedge Fund Disclaimer
    Just because teens communicate primarily through texting and social networking sites does not mean these embody the entire future of one-to-one marketing. At least no more so than the fact my generation talked incessantly on the phone meant the future was in telemarketing.
    How To Make Your Summer Sponsorships Epic
    Brands must raise the bar, seek to deliver epic, highly memorable, conversation-worthy experiences that stand out and capture the attention of a select few. Once they have captured the attention of this small set, they need to enable mechanisms to spread these experiences, stories and special moments to the masses through social, word-of-mouth, and "you wouldn't believe what just happened"-type text messages to friends.
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