• The Do's And Don'ts Of Loyalty Programs
    In a chaotic marketplace, loyalty programs have the opportunity to stand out to young people, both from an awareness and action-based perspective.
  • 9 Myths You Thought Were True
    Teens are a unique audience. They have their own needs and social drivers that are unique to their stage in life. Many marketers assume that, because teens are young, their needs are the same as Millennials and that they will interact with brands in the same way.
  • Dance, Teen Evolution
    Teens are making their way through one of the most challenging parts of life. Their personalities and tastes -- just like dance -- are constantly evolving. And if we can avoid mistaking their tech knowledge for wisdom, we may just be able to entertain, engage, and motivate them as much as Judson has these past 10 years.
  • Axe, Old Spice Make It Cool To Be Clean
    Old Spice and Axe risked alienating their more traditional customers with these campaigns. Yet, appealing to the younger set (including tweens) means taking a few risks and changing the rules.