• Friends Endure, Acquaintances Are Forgotten
    As the digital landscape becomes more and more saturated with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels, there will be a similar survival of the fittest. When the craze dies down, the survivors will be channels with great content and useful benefits to teens.
  • Questions Reveal Much About Favorite Brands
    This is the "public generation," and they want their intentions known. What a remarkable opportunity for marketers to learn how to best leverage what teens and young adults share.
  • There's A New Urban Consumer Among Us
    In the midst of the times we are in, we as marketers need to challenge ourselves to use our power to empower these young people. Support their causes, provide platforms -- both online and offline -- that allow their voices to be heard and arm them with the necessary tools and resources to see their dreams realized and realize a powerful connection that can be forged with this large group of influentials.
  • Think Global. Act Local. Go Social.
    Teens flock to Facebook for peer interaction and sense of belonging. So what does this mean to marketers? Get in and get social -- or get left behind.