Social Media Is Changing The Recipe For How Teens Eat
    Teens from every generation have been influenced by peer pressure, and this current crop is no different. Status symbols impact purchase behavior on a daily basis. Just ask any teen if they would rather have a pair of Beats by Dre or Bose headphones (widely regarded as the better product). He won't respond, because his shiny new Beats will cancel out the ambient noise of adult questioning.
    'Dude, I Have The Internet'
    In a recent article for Rookie, the online teen magazine, young writer Hazel Cills complains about how adults (particularly men) are dismissive of teen culture and specifically teen girl fandom. How can you take a girl seriously if she's an unabashed fan of Taylor Swift and One Direction? Her complaint is the patronizing way adults "vocally criticize us for liking the things we like." Just as frustrating to Cills is the demeaning way adults respond when a teen girl expresses her adoration of an "approved" cultural touch point, such as punk rock music, with "atta girl" permission but also with …
    Are Retailers Poised For A 2014 Comeback?
    Last year, retail took a beating from high teen unemployment. But, if recent trends continue, 2014 could be much more promising for brands that market to teens.
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