• Leverage Facebook
    Much as Microsoft developed the operating system for the PC in the '80's, Facebook is developing the operating system for the Internet. And all marketers need to incorporate Facebook into their everyday marketing plan.
  • Limited Play Impacts Behavior

    If the move is away from measuring capacity to learn, the amount of stimuli becomes less important. The shift would be away from inundation with lots of "bells and whistles' and the focus on connection of information to generate knowledge.

  • Online Hangouts And The 'In-Crowd'
    If you're responsible for marketing a consumer product, I'd argue that managing your Amazon presence is more important that building out a Facebook strategy.
  • Shaun White, Glee And The Rise Of The Anti-Cool
    Is your brand still hiding behind the bright lights and makeup of a paid celebrity shill to tout your wares? Or are you embracing your warts while becoming more authentic and relatable?