• How To Turn Your Superfans Into Guerrilla Marketers
    Teens are natural marketers: they are extremely enthusiastic about the things they love, and they want to share the newest and coolest things in their life with their friends. This is why many teens often make up the lion's share of brands' "superfans" -- people who will aggressively share your message with their network of friends.
  • How To: Understand What Motivated Teens Are Doing This Summer
    What can young people do to help their chances of getting a gig? And what should marketers and advertisers promoting open spots keep an eye out for? Here's a few pointers.
  • Do Teens Dream Of Electric Sheep?
    While enjoying a bit of sound, summer slumber the other night, I had an extraordinarily lucid dream that ended abruptly when my dream-self fell into a river. My heart was sent racing -- not due to a fear of drowning, but rather a fear that my iPhone had been in my pocket when I went under.
  • Is Your Brand Cool?
    Many people develop long-term attachments to brands during their teens. As technology and social behaviors evolve, brands need to create new models to define themselves and find their cool factor. Every brand has the opportunity to do something cool as long as they remember that cool is not a cut-and-paste job.