• The Perfect Teen Girl Company Date
    It's February, the month of love. I was listening to teenage girls talk about the "perfect" date and I thought, What a teen wants from a perfect date is what she wants from the perfect company.
  • Engaging Teens by Making "Hater-Proof" Content
    When you're engaging teenagers, little nuances that are often overlooked become the noose around your neck. You think "hip-hop" is hip-hop, and that teens love hip-hop. Not so fast. There are a lot of different niches inside a genre. One kid hates a certain kind of hip-hop, but loves another. A different kid could be the opposite. You have to understand the subtle - but significant - differences, the same way every color that could be called "green" is not the same. So if you think that teens love green, you better know every different shade and what it signifies. ...
  • Engage And Matter: Pulling On Teen Heart Strings
    It probably comes as no surprise, but teens are so deeply entrenched in their emotions that the slightest pull to connect them to a greater cause, or a hidden feeling or belief that they can relate to, can easily cause them to act, engage, and purchase. As teens yearn to connect and be heard, advertisements that can alleviate the separateness that comes with growing into adulthood and unite teens to a greater good will have a powerful effect.
  • Marketing To The New Breed
    Most marketers agree that we are in a period of radical change in the way we connect to each other and in the way we consume content. But no demographic group is more rapidly adopting innovation than teenagers. And not only are they the pioneers in the development of new channels, they also seem to speak in a language that's completely foreign to most of us who were born before 1990.