• An 'MRC' For Disinformation
    Should someone accredit the veracity of data that marketers use to ascertain the veracity of the content they advertise in?
  • All The COVID News That's Unfit To Print: 519 And Counting
    About 7.7% of news/information domains are publishing misinformation related to the pandemic. How many brands are sponsoring that?
  • Trust In News Outlets Falls To Recent Low, Especially Among Republicans
    Only 35% of Republicans trust national news, while 66% trust local news, and 19% trust news reported by social media.
  • The Talibrand, New And Improved
    The most ironic part of the media imagery surrounding the Taliban's political takeover of Afghanistan is that unlike the U.S., theirs was a peaceful transition of power -- at least in terms of how it has engaged with the U.S. military.
  • For Whom The Buck Stops
    Call it a tale of two buck stops, but the new guy and the old guy took decidedly different approaches to, well, bucks.
  • Where's The Beef? Steak-umm Asks Americans To 'Meat' Each Other Halfway
    Of all the brands taking a stand against the polarization of facts in America, Steak-umm wouldn't necessarily be the first to come to mind.
  • Democrats Are From Half Full, Republicans Are From Half Empty
    New research shows a majority of Democrats are "happy/calm," but most Republicans are kind of bummed out.
  • The Darwin Media Awards: And The 'Winners' Are....
    While the percentage of Fox News viewers unwilling to get vaccinated has declined, the percentage among those how have no primary news source has actually grown.
  • Everybody Will Talk About Fox Weather, But Nobody Will Do Anything About It
    I have a prediction to make about Fox Weather: It's going to be hot. And by that, I mean stone cold.
  • Used Car For Sale: Full Disclosure, It's A Toyota
    I've never been the biggest Toyota brand ambassador, but following revelations that Toyota is the No. 1 donor to 2020 election objectors, well, I just don't feel comfortable driving that nameplate any more.
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