• Discount Movie Service Dealflicks Dies
    "Dealflicks Inc., the start-up once billed as the Priceline of movie ticket sellers, has thrown in the towel after years of struggling to gain traction," writes the LA Times. It differed from the likewise-struggling but still live MoviePass by offering coupons rather than subscriptions, and was founded in 2012 "to offer discounts of as much as 60% on movie tickets and concessions during periods when theaters are mostly vacant."
  • Perfetti Van Melle N.A. Promotes VP Marketing Buxton To CEO
    The confections company has promoted Sylvia Buxton, its marketing VP since 2016 (handling the Airheads and Mentos brands), to the top exec role. She succeeds Mehmet Yuksek, who announced last month that he was leaving the company after 21 years. Buxton, who has 30 years' marketing experience, previously worked at Hershey in positions including global brand director for Brookside.
  • Why Millennials Hate Mayo
    Writer Sandy Hingston provides an entertaining look at "a generation’s gut-level renouncement of the Greatest Generation’s condiment of choice." Millennials think mayo is "too basic for contemporary tastes — pale and insipid and not nearly exotic enough for our era of globalization." Instead, they say, "I’m not part of the elderly mayo masses; I’m turkey and Swiss on ciabatta with tzatziki, chipotle spread and a little basil pesto." But Hingston's got the last laugh: "That aioli you’re all so fond of? I hate to break it to you, but that’s just mayonnaise."
  • Bayer Stock Dips 10% After $289M Awarded To Cancer Victim
    A lawsuit with a $289-million payout had a daunting affect on Bayer stock, which plunged 10% on Monday after the California jury trial ended late last week. Attorneys claimed Monsanto's weedkiller Roundup caused terminal cancer in a groundskeeper who used it 20 to 30 times a year. "The stock drop sent a cautionary signal to the company that acquired Monsanto, the maker of the weedkiller, in June for $63 billion," according to The Washington Post. "Bayer had previously announced that the Monsanto brand name would be nixed as soon as this month."
  • Hottest Fitness Trend: A Cold Gym?
    Yep, at New York City-based Brrrn, "billed as the world’s first cool temperature gym," folks work out in rooms chilled to 55 to 65 degrees. The company claims health benefits for that practice, though "studies are still in the infant phase, with researchers conflicted on end results," writes Fast Company. At any rate, it's a good way to differentiate the gym, which opened in May, from competitors like hot yoga studios. "In the coming year, [cofounders] intend to expand Brrrn to more markets: first Los Angeles, followed by Miami, Dallas, and Chicago," according to the article.
  • H&M Premieres U.S. App. E-Commerce Site
    Retailer H&M debuted an app and e-commerce site for the U.S. market, with new features that include "visual search, which allows users to search for products by uploading a photo," according to Chain Store Age.
  • Diet Coke's Descent
    "How the mighty have fallen! And by the mighty, of course, I mean Diet Coke," writes Nathan Heller in this vivid account of Diet Coke's "heady ascent in the nineties," to today's beverage moment, when, with sales that "have declined yearly since 2006," Diet Coke is seemingly "the elixir of soft-bodied plutocrats desperate to shed their shady pasts and, possibly, a few pounds."
  • Publishers Fret Over Struggling Barnes & Noble
    Investors, too, complain that the chain “desperately needs to adapt and innovate,” reports The New York Times. Sales lag. The electronic Nook is a money-suck. The company is seen as lacking direction, sometimes making the sales of gifts more important than that of books. And the stock price is down 60% over the last three years.
  • POTUS Doubles Down On Harley-Davidson Boycott
    The Associated Press is reporting that President Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that “many” Harley-Davidson owners may boycott the company if it moves its manufacturing overseas due to a steel tariff disput. Earlier, Trump met with a small group of “Bikers for Trump.” Harley-Davidson had no comment.
  • Ahead Of Opening MGM Springfield Signs Up The Loyal
    With just two weeks until the official opening of MGM Springfield in Massachusetts, hundreds of people came out to sign up for the M Life Rewards program, offering special benefits and discounts for their loyalty. One unique activity on display was provided by Link to VR, MassLive reports, which gave virtual reality tours of the new casino’s hotel rooms.
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