• Can Current Events Change The Tide?
    The heinous events that took place in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012, seemed to shake the country to its core. Whether a parent or not, virtually everyone felt an overwhelming sense of pain and profound sadness at the unspeakable loss that community endured. The President of the United States called it the worst day of his presidency.
  • Decoding Gamers - It's Social
    Highlights from the State of The American Mom report were released just last week. Not a lot of surprises, but the report did contain one shift in behavior that we've been seeing for awhile and, honestly, I just didn't understand.
  • Moms, Kids, And Mobile: We're ALL Teenagers Again
    Moms and mobile: is there any topic more written about than this? Probably not, but there are good reasons for this. Mobile is important to moms but also brings about conflicted feelings, making mobile a source of tension for many moms. This tension was clear in the findings of our latest global study, "The Truth About Connected You." The majority of moms (83%) we surveyed said they think their mobile device has improved their family life, but 32% said they are also worried that sometimes their mobile distracts them from what matters most.
  • Smartphones Rule
    Moms are connected these days, and there's no question that cell phones - and smartphones, in particular - have changed modern motherhood. Moms can now rely on their smartphones to share photos of their kids, check their e-mail, coordinate play dates, and research and even make purchases.
  • Get Your Brand In Front Of Party Planners
    The celebrations industry is estimated at more than $38 billion. People spend their budget on party supplies, decorations, groceries, and alcohol. In addition, party hosts spend money on household supplies and home improvements in preparation to welcome guests. And when it comes to celebrations, these hosts tend to buy larger quantities and buy on impulse. With all of the money spent on celebrations, don't let your brand miss the opportunity to market in this industry.
  • Workers From Home Are Big Business For Brands
    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer started quite the debate a few weeks ago and also shined a spotlight on working moms everywhere. Today, more moms are in the workforce and, more than ever, moms are launching their own businesses. Yes, their own businesses, many of which are being started on kitchen tables or in small home offices--making the work-from-home Mom a vital part of the overall Mom demographic and a vital part of your overall marketing to mom strategy.
  • Making Magic In The Kitchen
    My friend Carolyn, mother of four, is a magician in the kitchen. She can pull dinner out of a hat, transform cranky kids into happy helpers, and make veggies disappear. But she doesn't have a magic wand. Like most moms, Carolyn just has some clever tricks up her sleeve.
  • Invite Me - Maybe
    At least once a year, my mailbox is flooded with social media moms asking the same question- "How do I get invited on brand-sponsored trips?" Of course, the question isn't worded exactly like this by every single mom, but this is essentially the question.
  • It's Time For Brands To Take Stands On Issues
    There are approximately 85 million mothers in the U.S of which 34 million are online. And this number is growing. The next generation of mothers is growing up digital. And mothers are using technology along with social media to mobilize and effect change. All over America, grassroots change is happening with women/mothers standing up to everything from a child's right to recess to lobbying for family leave policies, fair pay, health care, gun control and more. There are so many resources and organizations along Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums lending visibility and sharing of issues and challenges facing us today.