• 5 Brands That Understand Moms
    Moms love brands for myriad reasons, but first and foremost, brands have to make great products. If the brand creates the right experience around the product, it will have the beginnings of a great relationship with mom. What is entailed in creating a great brand experience? It can be anything from supporting a cause to offering great tools and information to creating something that touches an emotional chord to being a brand that brings you just plain fun.
  • New Survey: Moms, Brands And Twitter
    How are moms using Twitter? Earlier this month, we asked that question of our Social Savvy research panel, comprising moms active in the social media space. We are announcing the results here.
  • Reaching Moving Moms
    This new "head-down" mom will force brands to rethink advertising strategies. What role will outdoor advertising play in this new world? How effective will traditional advertising be?
  • The Parent Trap: Marketers Need To Break Old Habits
    I'm perplexed by how marketers speak to parents, especially working parents. Some seem to get us, but most seem to use the same words and phrases to remind us of our current plight.
  • Back-to-School Trends You Might See This Holiday Season
    In July, the National Retail Federation shared results from its 2011 Back-to-School survey conducted by BIGresearch: combined K-12 and college spending was expected to reach $68.8 billion, serving as the second-biggest consumer-spending event for retailers behind the winter holidays.
  • Y-ired Moms: New Rules For Digital Engagement With Today's Generation
    Gen Y moms hold a unique and powerful position in today's marketplace. As the first generation of female consumers who grew up with the Internet enter motherhood, it is more important than ever to understand what makes her "click." Today's young mom is more social, more tech savvy and more connected than ever before. And she is integral to a brand's success both on and offline. Buzz is about what's happening right now, and immediacy and access have become the new norm. Moms with young children are not only at the forefront of this frontier, but are also driving many ...
  • 4 Reasons To Watch Tumblr
    Yes, yet another new social media platform to watch! But Tumblr is one that could change the landscape for those of us who are targeting moms ... which is of course, a large percentage of the marketing community.