• 5 Tips For Identifying Influential Mom Bloggers
    There is a major difference between moms who simply blog and bloggers who have an impact on their readers. How can a brand identify an influential mom blogger?
  • To Attract And Hold Fast
    I participated in an industry discussion on social media this week where top brands discussed their efforts on various social media platforms. Last week, I completed a project for a client with over 500,000 Facebook fans and, in between, I talked to potential clients with varying levels of engagement in social media. It occurred to me somewhere along the way to wonder what it really means to engage.
  • A Healthy Shade Of Green
    There are numerous lessons to be learned from the success of this program, which focused on using word of mouth, social media, listserves and some internal NWF marketing channels to achieve its first-year results.
  • Shopping Trends: A Fresh Look
    The recession's impact on Moms and their shopping habits is reflected with the emergence of the Frugalista Mom, a discerning shopper who clips coupons, shops sales and prices and is proud of the money she saves at the cash register.