• Today's June Cleaver Is Busy On CityVille
    From housewives to high-powered professionals, 40-something DigiMoms are spending their dwindling free time on social games. But are marketers making the most of this captive audience?
  • Moms And How They Value Information: Yours
    Motivating Moms requires moving beyond the idea of the Juggler to an understanding of how they value marketing information, from ads to tweets. What they need and how those needs shift as their own values shift will give brand marketers a new edge, one they will need as the Juggler moves faster and faster.
  • Back-to-School Is Her New Year's Day
    Back-to-school and moms conjures up two thoughts for me. One is spending and the other is New Year's Day! It's a good news-bad new scenario so let's tackle the bad news first. According to the Marketing to Moms Coalition , Moms are planning to spend less overall on back-to-school supplies. In fact, most Moms plan to cut 7% of the budget compared to last year, according to a survey conducted in June.
  • Building The Blogger/Brand Relationship
    There are so many ways for brands to engage mom bloggers, but a successful blogger strategy is not just about tactics, it's about relationships. And like all good relationships, the blogger/brand union takes time and effort.
  • Next-Gen Moms: They're Here With Their Own Rules. Are You Ready?
    Who decides what's right or wrong, allowed or forbidden, included or excluded? In most homes, the answer is mom. Moms of young children play a big role in what is deemed appropriate and acceptable for her family. But what are the criteria mom uses to decide what is in or out? With unprecedented access to information and to each other, this generation of moms is empowered, connected, informed and establishing its own sets of rules for families.