• Man In A Mom's World
    The best way for anyone to understand someone else's perspective is to walk in her shoes. So, I donned a pregnancy suit.
  • Who's Making Big-Ticket Buying Decisions?
    Many brands and industries are leading the way in listening and engaging with moms, yet there are some industries that still prefer to engage primarily with men. I think it's easier for some industries to market to men as they don't require the same level of social engagement as women do. However, in case you missed the memo, moms control over $4 billion in annual spend.
  • FTC Guidelines: Mom Bloggers Report Not Much Has Changed
    Marketers may want to consider Mom Bloggers as front-line brand ambassadors who can alert them to any potential product or service concerns that can be addressed before the issue gains a viral buzz and becomes a larger public relations management crisis.
  • When Virtual Playgrounds Collide With The Mom Next Door, Marketers Win
    Word of mouth marketing is still alive and well in the offline world even though marketers have shifted their attention in recent days. The most successful marketers in the future will be those that identify the right mom influencer for their brand and facilitate bringing her online playground into her physical neighborhood.