• The Truth About Mother's Day
    Next month, mothers in more than 80 countries around the world will be celebrated, and consumers in all of these markets will be in search of the right way to express their appreciation for mom. Pioneering brands and companies have a great deal to gain by facilitating that effort. In its 99-year history as an official holiday, Mother's Day has grown to become the fourth most lucrative holiday in the United States, with consumers spending $152 per person on mom, according to the NRF.
  • Creating A Better Brand Experience On Her Tablet
    As marketers, we want to make sure moms can access our products and services when and where they want - from whatever device they want. A recent study found that tablets are the device of choice, with 22% of moms owning a tablet compared to just 16% of the general population.
  • Look at My Picture, Mom! The Forgotten Content Marketing Strategy
    Despite the irony that this post lacks graphic content, I'm hooked on the rightness of including visuals as a big part of any content marketing strategy. My fellow MediaPost contributor summed it up: The future of the social Web is all about pictures!
  • Emailing: Does Your Message Live Up To The Medium?
    Moms may be pressed for time, but they still fit a lot of communication into their busy schedules. Not only are they sending plenty of bite-size texts and tweets throughout the day, they're writing and reading emails ... a lot!
  • A Real Catch: How Baseball Connects With Mom
    Last week was the official start of the baseball season and with that comes a new opportunity for baseball teams big and small to begin building a deep relationship with one of their core customers: Moms. It is Mom who often puts the game on the family schedule, Mom who tries to find the best deal for tickets and Mom who makes sure her son gets the player jersey he really wants. How do baseball teams successfully win with Mom? Take a page from their playbook for your own brand strategies:
  • The Path To Purchase Is Lined With Content
    What does mom want? She wants to make purchase decisions that are smart and show she's done her homework. A purchase well made is cause for celebration. And the beauty of social media and technology is that it puts content on-demand to help her before, during and after a purchase. No wonder adoption is so high across Millennial, Gen X and even Boomer mothers. And with 7 out of 10 mothers now working, according to Pew Research, the path to purchase needs to be conveniently lined with content, content she needs to help her make an informed decision.
  • Not Your Ordinary Power Breakfast
    2013 State of the American Mom event sheds light on spending habits, outlook and more.