• The New Mommy Wars
    Unless you have been living under a rock, you are most likely familiar with the controversy surrounding Hilary Rosen's slurry comment about Ann Romney and her career choice.
  • What Do Mothers Really Want For Mother's Day?
    Candy and flower sellers, beware. What you offer is not what moms really want for Mother's Day.
  • Women Organize Push For Childhood Vaccinations
    April 21-28 is World Immunization Week, and it marks the official launch of the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign.
  • Engaging Foodie Moms
    Those of us who work in food tend to segment our target markets into various niches. While, for most of my clients "mom" is the primary target market, foodies play a big role as influencers. It used to be somewhat easy to reach these foodies, as targeting news writers for a few large publications in New York pretty much covered it.
  • The Light Green Movement: Engaging Today's Eco-Conscious Mom
    Earth Day is just nine days away, so this is an appropriate time to explore the ever-expanding move for moms to "go green." More than ever before, 2012 is the year of going green - moms have taken the biggest efforts to date to be environmentally conscious. This includes everything from increasing her use of reusable items to being more aware of recycling to being more focused on purchasing organic and sustainably produced foods. Going Green topped the list of trends for 2012 for moms with more families moving towards a more conscious lifestyle than ever before.
  • Content Is King
    A recent Arbitron study confirmed something mom marketers have known for quite awhile: The Internet has become Mom's 'most essential' medium. But, it's not her only medium. According to the study, Mom "embraces modern technology for its convenience, but she still engages in traditional forms, striking a balance that suits her busy lifestyle."
  • Do Highly Social Moms Have The Power To Swing The Upcoming Election?
    With 83 million moms in the U.S., 32.1 million are online and highly social. Women have voted in larger numbers than men since 1980, and 80% of women in the U.S. are mothers.
  • Knowing What Moms Are Doing Today Can Generate Sales For You Tomorrow
    Spring is upon us and while many marketers plan based on a retail calendar, we challenge you to think like a mom. Knowing what's on her "to-do " list today can impact your bottom line tomorrow. Here's where the opportunities lie today for marketers.