• Marketing And The Single Mom
    A generation or two ago, the single mom -- whether divorced or never married - was hardly a marketing target. Her numbers were relatively small, she typically had no financial clout and, if anyone talked about her at all, it often was in whispers.
  • What Moms Really Think With The Arrival Of Autumn
    When marketers think of moms and fall, the automatic association is with "Back to School"-after all, it's a vital decision period for family purchases. But is that all that moms are focused on when fall is in full swing?
  • Psychology Of New Moms Fits Direct Marketing Perfectly
    For brands that market to new moms, it's always a changing landscape. Unlike in most businesses, consumer retention takes a backseat to enticing trial. Brands are constantly seeking new customers and, while those customers are a fairly constant demographic in many ways, the psychographics these days change rapidly as head-spinning changes in technology influence not only the way we receive information, but the way we view everything from privacy to relationships with brands.
  • Why Age Does Matter
    Say the phrase "first-time moms," and you immediately think of the young mom caring for her new infant, but new research is challenging that idea. "We think about 'first-time moms,' but somehow the idea that mom is experiencing all the age groups for the 'first time' is not recognized after the child moves on from being an infant," says Michal Clements, senior principal of The Cambridge Group and co-author of a new marketing book, Tuning Into Mom: Understanding America's Most Powerful Consumer. One of the book's key insights is that mom's focus -- labeled "hot buttons" in the book -- ...
  • Video Reigns As Queen, According To Social Media Influencer Forecast
    Last week, more than 200 social media mom influencers and brands gathered in New York at SheStreams 2011 to discuss what's next on the social media horizon. Speakers and sessions focused on podcasting, radio, live webisodes and online videos. Surprisingly to some, not one session contained the word blog. For highlights of the content, search #shestream on Twitter or view videos.