• How Moms are Using Social Media RIGHT NOW
    Moms love Facebook -- but they trust blogs. And 92% of moms active in social media are buying products as a result of a social media recommendation.
  • Google Plus Grandma: How Smart Moms Survive In The Information Jungle
    Once upon a time we lived in a world of village parenting where matriarchal knowledge was limited to immediate family and neighbors. We now live in a world of community parenting where the matriarchal knowledge base is limitless and moms are part of multiple online and offline groups. From parenting books and magazines to community forums, TV Shows, celebrities, doctors and Facebook you might say that modern mom has truly inherited the "momopedia..."
  • What's For Dinner? Moms Click To Cook
    While interest in cooking shows is at all-time highs, and magazines splash the latest from celebrity chefs, the real news in the kitchen starts with a click.
  • Five Key Trends Impacting The Business Of Mom
    Most of us know that today's moms have become big business, wielding $2.1 trillion in U.S. spending power each year. We also know how far moms have distanced themselves from stereotypes of home maker, soccer mom, tech neophyte. But there's an even more dramatic evolution in modern motherhood underway right now, and it's causing marketers to reconsider how they communicate with this key audience. Witness the fast-changing face of the American family, the new roles moms have taken on in a battered economy, and the explosion of mobile technology solutions.
  • The Scariest Time Of The Year: Mid-Term Grades
    While October rushes us into Halloween and other fall fun festivities, on the Mom calendar, October also marks another annual milestone: report cards and parent/teacher conferences. Education is the one area where parents feel strongly they can make a big difference in the lives of their children and is also the one area that causes great parental stress-especially when the first round of report cards isn't showing stellar grades or the parent/teacher conference is uncovering some major learning issues.
  • A Global Initiative To End Polio And Help Mothers Everywhere
    All over the world, mothers strive to keep their children healthy. Mom is the Chief Health Officer of her family. In many countries, mothers will walk miles to get the care her children need.
  • Will Facebook Decide Election? Moms Vote Yes
    Historians attribute Bill Clinton's successful run for the White House to "soccer moms." Today, these mothers of influence can be found online on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. With mothers numbering over 82 million in the U.S., it's no surprise that both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama made an effort to appeal to voting mothers during their national convention speeches. We recently polled over 1,000 mom influencers about their thoughts on the election, candidates and issues.