• 'Telling' Her Doesn't Cut It Anymore; Let Her Sample Your Product
    Sampling is especially effective in a pinched economy. Mothers are looking to test products before investing in them. When brands offer sample trials, they are providing moms with the opportunity to feel more confident about a purchasing decision.
  • Stop Avoiding The Conversation
    Moms care about sustaining and improving their families financially; they want to know how to manage daily and monthly finances. They worry about money every day. Creating solutions that make it easier for Moms to engage with financial services beyond the household budget would be a huge growth area.
  • Still Loyal To TV Yet Highly Distracted
    Marketers offering unique experiences on social media platforms can fosters brand advocacy.
  • It's A Small World, Blog-Wise
    Moms present buying power around the globe, and, with the right tactics, marketers can establish a dialogue which drives brand awareness and ultimately sales.