• Small Is Not Just A Size
    I recently spoke at a Women's Leadership Exchange event in Chicago. The founder, Andrea March, is small in stature but huge in vision and in her mission to empower successful women. Throughout this event, working women heard from other working women on strategies and first-hand experiences about how to grow their business and career opportunities. A predominant theme was "size." The burning question: Is small just a size or does it stand for something, well, bigger? And conversely, can something large, such as a competitor, be seen in a smaller, less looming way?
  • Making The Best Of BlogHer
    For those who market to moms - and those who want to - there is no experience quite like the BlogHer annual event. Now in its eighth year, and taking place in New York City Aug. 2-4, BlogHer is the largest conference for women bloggers in the world. With 3,500 attendees, last year's BlogHer was huge, noisy, busy, crazy and even more fabulous than usual. For 2012, 4,000 guests are expected.
  • Moms' New Need From Marketers
    Going from efficiency to meaningful family moments
  • The Many Flavors of Moms
    Once seemingly a monolith of homogeneous online influencers, the increasing sophistication of Digital Moms has opened up opportunities for brands that are better served by tighter targeting -- which more or less means most of the brands out there. Despite the hype and digital space given to marketing by big brands, most aren't.
  • Don't Ditch Email Marketing
    With all the great social media tools available, some brands have opted out of using email to engage the mom consumer. According to a recent study from the Marketing to Moms Coalition, that strategy may not be working. "We discovered variability in the social networking habits of the different mom generational groups for their own behaviors," states the report. "Specifically, Millennial Moms are most likely to use Facebook to share, while Boomer Moms are most likely to use email to share. Generation X Moms are split; the youngest subgroup (30-34) use Facebook more, while 35-44 use email most to share."
  • What Is It With All The Celebrity Moms?
    It seems everyone wants to cash in on the $2.4 trillion-dollar mom train. If you think mom-trepeneur is just for everyday moms, think again. It's great to be a celebrity ... but it's even better to be a celebrity mom.
  • How To Plan A Blogger Event
    Summer is in full swing. Families are traveling to historical sites and theme parks across the country. Moms are packing their bags for business trips as well. It's the season when many brands decide to use travel as way to bond with social media moms.